Abolishing America (Cont`d): Will Displaced Whites Converge In Kansas?

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If you want a vision of the future of the country
(or, if you will, the

country of the future
), check out a story in last
week`s Washington Post Metro section by Linda
Perlstein about the wonderful world of “diversity
in the D.C. area`s

Montgomery County
and more especially its


If this is the future, most Americans will want to
buy a one-way ticket to the


But to Miss Perlstein, what`s happening to Montgomery
(the upscale and mainly liberal part of suburban
Maryland, as opposed to the downscale and mainly liberal

Prince George`s County
next door) is the promise of

What`s happening is that white people are being
driven out and non-whites coming in.

“Thirty-five years ago, the school system was 94
percent white; two decades ago, white students made up
about 75 percent of the enrollment. Since then, racial
diversity has bloomed in the county,”
Miss Perlstein
cheerfully purrs.

There are, of course, problems, since for some reason
never made quite plain, the new people who make the
county so wonderfully diverse happen also to be—well—low-income.

Half the county`s schools are “mostly white and
relatively affluent,”
but the other half “educate
the vast majority of Montgomery`s poor and immigrant
children. `It is a racially, economically and

geographic area,`”
school superintendent

Jerry Weast,
“similar in size and makeup to some
of the nation`s larger urban school districts.” “If it
was a stand-alone system,”
Mr. Weast confesses,
“it would be called a failing system.”

Schools Hit Diversity Landmark
Oct 13, 2003]

It`s not called a failing system, of course, because

(a)  in this country, we don`t call

non-white failure
what it is, and

(b)  there are still some whites in the school system
to mask the failure that`s going on, but don`t imagine
that will last forever.

The conflict between the two halves is already
visible. “You run the risk of creating a clash
between haves and have-nots,”
one County Councilman
told Miss Perlstein. “That is Montgomery County for
the next 20 years.”

Really. But the

Open Borders Lobby
told us this wouldn`t happen.
They said all the immigrants from Third World countries


learn English,

computer geniuses,

companies and

work harder
and be

more moral
than decadent old white Americans, and
there wouldn`t be any racial, ethnic or social conflict
because mass immigration started bumping into the native

Like so much the Open Borders lobby

told us,
it was all

but leave that aside for the nonce.

The reason Montgomery has become so “mixed” and that
this year`s senior class in the school system, as Miss
Perlstein gloats in her opening sentence, is “the
last group of graduating seniors in Montgomery County
public schools to be majority white,”
is that,
instead of bumping into the immigrants, the white people
have simply

packed up and left

“As the affluent and
middle class embark on a white flight to outer suburbia
and minorities and new immigrants settle in their place,
the demographic changes reflect a pattern seen across
the region and in other parts of the country. In Fairfax
County, for example, nearly half the students enrolled
in public schools are racial or ethnic minorities, and
soon they are expected to

non-Hispanic white students.”

And of course this creates yet another “problem” for

to fix, just as they fixed the old
problem of too little diversity by

a new population.

Harvard Professor

Gary Orfield
[Send him

.] knows how the “problem” can be solved.

Professor Orfield, who specializes in studying
patterns of segregation and

how to change them,
told the Post that
“policymakers should look at ways beyond the schools to
maintain true diversity, in which populations—and
therefore political power and family resources—are more
evenly balanced.”

Yes, the problem, you see, is not that mass
immigration has dismally and obviously failed to live up
to the lies with which it was sold but that too many
white people still have too much power and


That`s what has to be


Meanwhile, the pathetic whites who have left and are
leaving Montgomery and Fairfax and who have long since
left the

District of Columbia
are heading for still newer
areas—Warrenton, Manassas, Harper`s Ferry,
Frederick—where “diversity” is not so common.

After being pushed out of the cities their ancestors
built, they

build new cities
, and after being kicked out of
them, still newer ones next door.

Maybe, sooner or later, in about fifty years, the
white fugitives from the D.C. area will meet up with the

white fugitives

somewhere around


Maybe then they`ll start figuring out what happened
to them and why they lost their country because of the
mass immigration they welcomed and the lies about

they believed.



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