Abolishing America (contd.): The Logic Of The Attack On Southern Symbols

Having pulled the
Confederate flag
down from

every pole on which it fluttered, the
anti-white lobby still isn`t quite finished. The most
recent symbol of the Old South to be reconstructed is
the University of Mississippi`s traditional mascot, a
Confederate soldier called "Colonel Reb."

The university is still run by whites, but the

abolition of the mascot
shows clearly how guilt,
self-hate, and outright fear drive whites themselves
into eradicating their own heritage.

"Col. Reb," as the figure was known or "Colonel
as an Associated Press story recently called
it, was adopted as the school

in 1936, when the student newspaper launched
a contest to come up with a new nickname for the
football team. The team had been called the "Flood," and
among the entries for the new name were "Rebels,"
"Confederates," "Stonewalls," and "Raiders."

The "Rebels" won with a landslide of 18 votes, and
Col. Reb first appeared the following year in the
university`s yearbook.

The figure therefore has absolutely nothing to do
with "racism,"

"white supremacy"
or the rest of the bugaboos in the
anti-white zoo.

I`m willing to bet that when the students voted for
the Confederate names for the team, they really were not
thinking about how the name and a mascot based on it
would help them perpetuate white racial hegemony over

The reason the students suggested and voted for such
names was that they suggest something drawn out of their
state`s history that is sort of like a football
team—soldiers who

fought hard and bravely
for their cause.

But of course in time the name and the mascot, like
the flag itself, were invested with broader and deeper

They would never have acquired such meanings had the
anti-white lobby had the sense to leave them alone. But
logically, once you`ve launched a

to rip down the Confederate flag, you have
to continue ripping down

every vestige
of the Confederacy, even if it`s only
sports symbols. There are further logical implications
as well, which we shall explore anon.

But at Ole Miss, the anti-white lobby generally knows
better than to preach

hatred of whites
and their

and symbols openly, or at least it has the
brains to know that such arguments won`t sway very many.

Hence, the rationale for changing the team name and
abolishing Col. Reb reached for other, more plausible

The rest of the country will laugh at us. The
NAACP might

the state. Talented black athletes

won`t enroll.
We need to put the past behind us.

In the course of persuading themselves and trying to
persuade everyone else in the state of the cogency of
these arguments, the leaders of the anti-white campaign
managed to banish displaying the

Confederate flag at football games
, the playing and
singing of "Dixie"
as the unofficial anthem of the team, and calling the
annual spring festival on campus "Dixie Week."

Athletic Director

Pete Boone
has learned his lines well. "The Confederacy is
behind us,"
he spouted to the AP. [Dixie
fading at Ole Miss
, By Allen G. Breed, AP, July
1, 2003]

He`s not the only one spouting. The AP reports that
black Associate Dean

Don Cole
"can still see the hate in the eyes of a female student
as she drove by, waving a Confederate flag out the

That was in 1969. Apparently Dean Cole has had
nothing better to think about since then, and now he has
his chance to get back at all those pretty white co-eds
who "hated" him.

"I wanted to support the team," he whined to
the press, "but I couldn`t, quote, be a Rebel."

Well that brings us to the other implications of
getting rid of the Confederate flag.

Implication One is that when you admit racial and
cultural aliens into institutions created by and for
people of a different race and culture, you`re going to


The newcomers don`t feel comfortable, as Mr. Cole did
not, and if they gain power, which eventually they will,
they will do all they can to abolish and eradicate those
symbols that make them feel like the outsiders they are.

And Implication Two is that it`s not just fairly
trivial symbols like Col. Reb, the flags at the football
game, the name of the team, and the songs the spectators
can`t sing.

It`s everything—everything whites (not just
Southerners) ever created and built, from their

form of government
, to their

, to their art and

, to what they teach in universities.

Non-whites of all races and cultures are increasingly
aware that they just don`t fit in the institutions built
by whites, and therefore they demand that these
institutions bend to their will.

And the reason they succeed, of course, is that the
white leadership of the institutions created by and for
whites lacks the brains and the guts to resist.



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