Abolishing America, Cont`d: Mexicans Want Reparations Too

Where exactly is it engraved in
stone that blacks are the only people who get to be
victims of white racial oppression? While many blacks



, Hispanics in California have finally
tumbled to the same racket. And why not? Since whites
and their political and cultural leaders refuse to
defend themselves and their people, there`s no reason
any and every racial and ethnic minority this side of
Papua New Guinea shouldn`t try to squeeze its unfair
share of booty out of the

white pocket

The latest scam revolves around a
class action lawsuit launched in Los Angeles Superior
Court that, as the Los Angeles Times reported
last week, accuses "the state of California, the
county and city of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Chamber
of Commerce …and 500 other unnamed individuals and
of violating the civil and constitutional
rights of more than 1 million Mexican-Americans by

them to Mexico in the 1930s.

The California Senate held a

four-hour hearing
on this burning issue the same day
the lawsuit hit the courts, and the race is on to see
who`s guiltier and owes the most to the most recent gang
of victims.[LA Times, July 16, 2003,

Reparations Sought for `30s Expulsion Program

By Gregg Jones]

Most Americans and indeed most
Californians have probably never heard of the
deportations, but according to the Times they
actually did occur. In the 1930s, you see, there was
this little episode called the

Great Depression
, and some of the leaders of the
United States, including those at the

state and local levels
, actually thought things were
tough enough for Americans without having to take care
of a unending flood of Mexicans as well.

So apparently, as the Times
reported two Hispanic professors testified in the
California Senate hearings, "In the Los Angeles
effort, tens of thousands of Mexicans and Mexican
Americans were loaded aboard trains and transported to
Mexico. The campaign, which reflected widespread racist
attitudes toward Mexicans and Mexican Americans at the
time, had the assistance of state and federal
authorities along with Mexican consular officials."

Some—perhaps many—of those deported

U.S. citizens, and some of these had
supposedly been born in the United States, so it`s hard
to see how exactly their deportation could have taken
place without a good deal of legal resistance. Those who
were citizens at the time may in fact have a fairly
strong case—against somebody—not for "reparations," but
for plain old legal damages.

But the issue involves a good deal
more than damages the victims of government injustice
can and should be able to claim. The point of the suit,
the hearings and the "study" that the hearings were
intended to promote was not to gain justice, but, as it
always is with racial issues, to

gain power
—to take power from some and give power to

The Hispanic reparations scam, like
the one for black reparations, seeks to discredit the
governmental authorities responsible for the
deportations and thereby the legitimacy of the mainly
white American culture that shaped government policies
in that era.

That`s why the two Hispanic
professors [Dr.
Francisco Balderrama
him), and Raymond Rodriguez, authors of

Decade of Betrayal: Mexican Repatriation in the 1930s
] and
the Times itself were so intent on insisting that
the deportations "reflected widespread racist
attitudes toward Mexicans and Mexican Americans at the

"I blame the entire U.S.
one victim, now 77, whined to the
paper. Well, yes, that`s the point, isn`t it—to cast
blame, to show everybody who wants to listen and most
who don`t that American and more especially

white civilization
is "racist" and based on the

exploitation and oppression
of non-whites, and
thereby to undermine its legitimacy and authority.

the legitimacy and authority of white
society, the anti-white forces will be able to gut
whatever resistance whites might normally be inclined to
mount to their own dispossession.

But the new reparations scam is not
just a means of subverting the white sense of
legitimacy. It`s also the first confirmation that
reparations won`t end with payments for slavery. The
reparations issue isn`t about


white supremacy
or deportations or

or any other acts of white injustice, real
or imagined, toward non-whites. It`s about what white
American civilization was and what the new, non-white
America is going to be.

There is in fact virtually nothing
about the old America that did not reflect what today
are almost universally denounced as "widespread
racist attitudes."
America was defined—almost
explicitly, sometimes very explicitly—as a white nation,
for white people, and what that means is that there is
virtually no

, no

, no

, no

in the

of the old, white America that can survive
the transition to the new and non-white version. Whether
we will want to call the new updated version "America"
at all is another question entirely.



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