Abolishing America (contd.): Academe vs. Patriotism

For many Americans the events of September 11 have
breathed new life into patriotism, but many in academia
and the

remain hostile to America.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (www.thefire.org)
has intervened in recent instances where academic
administrators intentionally stifled patriotic
expression and retaliated against those who voiced
support for our country.


Central Michigan University
, students were ordered
by university administrators to remove patriotic posters
and the American flag from their dormitory. The students
were told that these items were “offensive.”

Duke University in North Carolina shut down Professor
Gary Hull`s

web page
because he posted an article that called
for a strong military response to the terrorist attack

At Pennsylvania State University, a professor was
reprimanded by the vice provost for academic affairs for
advocating military action as a response to the
terrorist attacks. The professor was told that his
comments were “insensitive and perhaps even
intimidating,” grounds for dismissal.

At Holy Cross in Massachusetts the chairman of the
sociology department forced a secretary to remove the
American flag that she had placed in memory of her
friend Todd Beamer. Mr. Beamer was one of the passengers
who challenged the terrorists on hijacked United flight
93 that crashed in Pennsylvania.

At Lehigh University the vice provost of student

the American flag to be removed from the
school bus.

At Johns Hopkins University Professor Charles
Fairbanks voiced his support at a public forum for an
aggressive campaign against states that harbor
terrorists. (All such states are Muslim with the
exception of Cuba and North Korea.) He was accused of
assisting people to commit hate crimes (against Muslims)
and removed as director of the Central Asia Institute.

At the University of Massachusetts, (one of the
leading academic zoos), students were granted a permit to
protest the war against terrorism, but students who
wanted to rally in support of U.S. policy were denied a


San Diego State University
an Arabic-speaking
Ethiopian student overheard three Arab students
expressing their delight in the attacks on the World
Trade Center and Pentagon. The Ethiopian admonished the
Arabs and was put on warning by university
administrators for “threatening and abusive behavior.”
The Arabs were happy, he said. “I told them they should
be ashamed.” (Of four material witnesses arrested in San
Diego in connection with the terrorist attacks, one is a
San Diego State University student.)

At Florida Gulf Coast University the dean of library

the library`s employees to remove stickers,
“Proud to be an American,” from their workspace on the
grounds that such expressions were offensive to foreign

At the University of Missouri the director of the
university`s TV station, KOMU, instructed employees not
to wear red, white and blue ribbons in memory for those
Americans killed in the September 11 attacks.

It is permissible to burn the American flag on
university campuses. But don`t try waving one.

America-haters have the upper hand on

many campuses
. They are ever so sensitive to the
feelings of Middle Eastern Muslims and completely
insensitive to the feelings of patriotic Americans.


, and a variety of other

left-wing bigots
have destroyed scholarship and
turned education into a

against Western civilization. They seduce
the minds of the young and fill them with shame of their
country. These home grown terrorists in academic garb
are a more dangerous enemy than the Taliban and Bin

While the U.S. conducts a war against terrorists, our
own universities are conducting a terror war against the
patriots on their campuses.

The Heritage Foundation is rightly

for an end to World Bank and IMF subsidies
to states that harbor terrorist organizations. We must
also end taxpayer and donor subsidies to politically
correct universities, which are Fifth Columns within our

Craig Roberts is the author (with Lawrence M. Stratton)
of The
New Color
Line : How Quotas and Privilege Destroy Democracy