A Very Merry Christmas to all VDARE.COM Readers!!

Peter Brimelow


Ten years ago tonight, Christmas Eve 1999, 
I launched VDARE.COM officially by sending out a
mass email to friends and foes—after the usual battle
putting my then-small children, Hannah Claire (seen
above with me after a recent appearance in
Godspell) and
Alexander (seen distractedly wandering about on right)
to bed.

We don`t have those particular battles in our house
anymore and VDARE.COM has grown unbelievably. But the
battle for patriotic immigration reform continues.

In our early years, two gifted Catholic writers provided
us with Meditations on Christmas Eve.

2001 piece was a particular education for me on the
power of the internet—despite our infinitely smaller
readership, we sold a remarkable number of copies of the
book he cited,
City of God.
In later years, we got a bit more
secular and polemical. Must do something about that.

I wish a Merry and Blessed Christmas to all our readers,
writers—and, especially,


Christmas Meditations From VDARE.COM