A Cause Whose Time Has Come: GOP Must Become The Party Of Frank Ricci

Having lost both houses of Congress and the White House
in two straight elections, Republicans are going through

identity crisis
its leaders holding Town Hall meetings to
"listen" to
the people.

"What should we focus on? Should we drop the social
issues? How do we get the young people back?"

Such angst and soul-searching is not the mark of the
leader, but the mark of a man suffering from doubt and

Why is the party in trouble
Simple. Dubya got a hold of the keys, got high on


hooch, and crashed and rolled the family SUV.

He launched an unnecessary war against a country that
had not attacked us. With his utopian No Child Left
Behind scheme and his Medicare drug plan, he did his
passable imitation of LBJ, and blew a hole in the

Touting globalism, he presided over the loss of one in
every four U.S. manufacturing jobs and ran up $5
trillion in trade deficits. He refused to defend the
Mexican border against an invasion, then pushed an
amnesty for the invaders.

This was no

This was the neocons` apprentice.

How does the party reconnect with Middle America? How
does it win back the

Reagan Democrats

who went home disgusted?

Become again the

party of Frank Ricci

And who is

Frank Ricci

He is a fireman in New Haven, Conn., with 11 years in
the department, who suffers from dyslexia, but
nonetheless has pursued his dream of becoming a
lieutenant and a captain.

Six months before the promotion test, Ricci quit his
second job. He bought $1,000 worth of the textbooks he
was told to study, had a friend read them onto tapes to
compensate for his dyslexia, studied every spare hour he
got, and sat for the test, to compete for one of eight
lieutenant slots open.

Frank made it. Frank Ricci came in sixth.

It was after the results of the test were made known
that the problems arose. For, of the officers who had
made the cut, all were white, except for one Latino.

Concluding the test results would, if used by the
department, have an
"adverse impact" on the black community, New Haven tossed out the
results and called for new exams to ensure a
"fair" outcome.

Thus, because he is a white man whose people came from
Italy, Frank Ricci is to be denied a promotion he worked
for and won, and be robbed of his American dream by the
liberal bigots who run New Haven.

Had Frank Ricci and half of the other top performers
been black, all would be on their way to becoming
lieutenants and captains.

What is being done to Frank Ricci is exactly what was
done to black folks for decades. Great black ballplayers
who might have become legends like DiMaggio and Lou
Gehrig never got the chance because they were black.
Black students were denied admission to prep schools,
colleges and military academies because of their color.

Now, what was done to them is being done to white folks.
And it is just as wrong as it was then.

In 21st century America, race discrimination endures.

All we have done is switch the color of the victims with
the color of the beneficiaries. Today it is white males
applying for jobs and promotions as cops, firemen,
government workers, who are held back because their
color does not comport with the



What New Haven has done to Frank Ricci is like the U.S.
Olympic Committee throwing out all the trial heat
results in the 100- and 200-meter races because not a
single white runner qualified.

New Haven contends the
of the test hurts the black community,
proving discrimination. But does the relative absence of
blacks in the National Hockey League prove

If the Republican Party

wants a future
it will become again the party that stands on the
principle that
"No discrimination means no discrimination"
, that
stands with the victims of state bigotry, and that
stands up to hypocrites like the Jim Crow liberals of
New Haven.

Affirmative action began as a mandate to cast a wider
net and ensure all had an equal shot. It has become a

mighty engine of state injustice

that seeks to remedy the consequences of past racial
sins and crimes, by committing new ones.


Washington and California, none of them red states,
majorities have voted to abolish affirmative action.
Only Colorado failed in a dead heat last fall. A
Republican drive to write into federal law an end to all
race and gender preferences, as well as to all race and
gender discrimination, is a cause whose time has come.

This is a

winning issue for the GOP
for it is rooted in principle and comports with what is
written on the human heart.

Down deep, even liberals know that what is being done to
Frank Ricci is not right.



Patrick J. Buchanan


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