A 9/11 Father, Lifelong Republican, Says: Time To Impeach Bush Over Immigration

Peter Gadiel


was one of the nearly 3000 people
murdered on

September 11, 2001
by nineteen illegal aliens.

was easy for the 19 monsters who committed these acts to
get into our country and, once in, to remain here
unchallenged and at their leisure plan, rehearse,
finance and carry out their mass murder. The 9/11
attacks, the murder of my son and

thousands of others
, were made possible, even
inevitable, by the open borders policies instigated by
the likes of

Ted Kennedy

Charles Schumer

John McCain
and others who are in the pockets of the
Open Borders Lobby.

share in the responsibility for those deaths.

was to oppose the Open Borders Lobby that a dozen 9/11
family members founded

9/11 Families for a Secure America

. As one of the officers of that organization,
it has been a necessary but very painful part of my work
to meet hundreds of others who

lost beloved family members
in the 9/11 attacks.

9/11 FSA became widely known for its advocacy in
Congress and the states on

border security

secure I.D.
issues, we found we were being contacted
by many whose

relatives were murdered by illegal aliens

street crimes and

vehicular homicides
, and other victims who survived
violent crimes committed by illegals. This led to 9/11
FSA becoming an advocacy group for victims of any
violent crime committed by illegals, whether these be
the terrorist acts or individual crimes.

is a logical development. The mass murders of September
11 and every other individual



highway homicide

violent act
committed by illegal aliens share
certain factors in common. First, of course, is the
overwhelming physical and emotional trauma inflicted on
the victims and their families. But, compounding the
horror, is the fact that every single one of these
crimes was

…if only Kennedy, McCain, et al. had not
opened our borders and

made it so easy for foreign terrorists
criminals to enter the United States in
large numbers.

Whether the crimes were committed by an Islamic fanatic
like Osama Bin Laden (OBL), or a thug like the

Railroad Killer
allowed into the country by the

Open Borders Lobby
(the other OBL), the fact is that
Kennedy and Lindsey Graham have

aided and abetted
these criminals.

as guilty as Kennedy and his fellow senators are, for
six years and four months, the person most responsible
for the failure to exclude dangerous aliens from our
country, most responsible for refusing to use his power
to remove those already here, has been

America`s Chief Disregarder of the Law:
George W. Bush.

crimes committed against Americans by illegals are

so horrific
and numerous, so widely known, that it
is impossible any longer to absolve this man of his
responsibility for this suffering. George Bush is

guilty of permitting these crimes to occur.

Consider: Four of the Fort Dix Six would have been
eligible for the Bush Amnesty. Several of those who were
involved in the

1993 World Trade Center attacks
ringleader Ramzi Yousef) had been granted

legal permanent resident status
thanks to the 1986
amnesty (specifically the Agricultural Worker provision
authored by then NYC Representative Charles Schumer,
presumably on behalf of the

strawberry farmers
of Brooklyn). All of the 9/11
terrorists would have been eligible for the Bush amnesty
if they had postponed their attacks until after passage
of the Kyl-Kennedy-Bush bill. The list of these
amnestied or eligible-for-amnesty criminals goes on and
on. And we really only know of the criminals whose
crimes made the front pages. How many other Americans
were killed or raped in crimes committed by Bush amnesty
eligible aliens in crimes that did not make the

have met too many people whose families have suffered so
grievously, so unnecessarily because of George Bush`s

amoral advocacy
of the Open Borders Lobby`s agenda.
Even though I have been a Republican all my adult life,
I have to join with those on the extreme left who want
this man removed from his office.

Congress should impeach him without further delay.

Republican Representative Dana Rohrabacher

recently warned Pres. Bush
that if Jose Compean or
Ignacio Ramos, the Border Patrol agents

railroaded to prison by the Bush Administration
were murdered while in

federal custody
there would be talk of impeachment
in Congress.

Americans who respect the law and value American
sovereignty are indebted to Mr. Rohrabacher for standing
up to Mr. Bush—the man guilty of appointing the

US Attorney
and the federal judge who

presided over the kangaroo court
which resulted in
these two innocent men being sentenced to prison.

with all respect to Mr. Rohrabacher, I must ask: why
make impeachment of Bush contingent on the death of one
of these decent men? The deaths and injuries already
attributable to Bush`s failure to live up to his
sworn Constitutional obligations are more than
sufficient reason to impeach and remove him today.
[Vdare.com note:
Impeachment is popular these days,
but oddly enough, the Wikpedia article "

to impeach George W. Bush
doesn`t even mention Congressman Rohrabacher`s warning

must we wait for additional crimes to be committed by or
with the connivance of this Administration?

It is beyond
dispute that Bush has intentionally and maliciously
violated many of the duties imposed on him by the
Constitution. For those who haven`t paid attention,
here`s a list of his high crimes, his violations of his
Constitutional obligations:

  • Rather than
    repelling foreign invasion as he is required to do,
    he has invited it and he has provided aid and
    comfort to the invaders and to those who give them

  • Rather than
    acting to insure domestic tranquility he has done
    his best to destroy it. His presidency has been
    devoted to tolerating and encouraging infiltration
    of our country by violent criminal aliens who, once
    inside our country, commit crimes as individuals, as
    part of organized international gangs or as agents

    violent religious movements
    emanating from such
    enemy nations as Saudi Arabia.

  • He has
    encouraged the erosion of American sovereignty, and
    aided those who would destroy our independence. It
    has become the

    publicly-expressed policy
    of the Mexican
    government to influence the internal affairs of the
    United States. This policy has been put into effect
    using the

    48 Mexican consuls
    in the US. Lobbying by these
    foreign enemies, which is in violation of treaties,
    is now

    common, widespread, and done openly
    . Mexican
    officials and illegal aliens acting in concert with
    them lobby

    elected and appointed officials
    throughout the
    United States; in small towns and large cities, in
    county commissions, state legislatures and the
    Congress. The President of the United States refuses
    to end these practices, even though he could do so
    with a simple instruction to Secretary of State

    Condoleezza Rice
    that she order the

    of the

    offending diplomats
    and closure of the

I acknowledge, of
course, that other Americans have other reasons for
wanting to impeach Bush. The most publicized is the war
in Iraq. As a lawyer, I must admit that I am concerned
about his unilaterally creation of what in effect is a
line item veto, declared unconstitutional by the Supreme
Court. He has done this by appending

“signing statements”
to all bills crossing his
desk, describing what portions of those laws he will

But I believe that,
all by themselves, the Americans who have been

and otherwise

are the moral justification for removing
this failed president from office. His clear violations
of his

constitutional obligations to enforce immigration law

provide the legal justification. Decency and a sense of
honor require that Congress put an end to this

But, because only
Congress has the power, it won`t be either morality or
law that will lead to that result. All that will count
is the politics.

So what of the
politics? Could removal be accomplished, and done
rapidly enough so as to minimize the period of
distraction and transition?

The answer to both
questions is yes. The Bush presidency is like a

dead, rotted tree in a gale
; sufficient force will
topple it. A Republican myself, I have found in my
travels that Republicans

by and large
despise this man. It is very difficult
to find a Republican who does not feel betrayed by him,
who does not

hold him in contempt
. These are the people who can,
if they are willing, provide the political will that
will end this miserable presidency.

This anger results
both from his malfeasance as chief executive and his
failure as leader of his party. Republicans recognize
that he was the architect of what he himself

was a

of his party in the 2006 election.
More than just the architect of that beating he was the
general contractor, carpenter, bricklayer, and ditch
digger for the whole disaster. All over the country,
candidates of both parties understood that his name was

kiss of death
for anyone running on the Republican
ticket in 2006. A review of Democratic candidates`
websites showed that almost all linked their Republican
opponents` names with that of the despised Bush:
“Bush/Mike DeWine,” “Bush/Jim Leach,” “Bush/Rick
Santorum,” “Bush/Nancy Johnson,” “Bush/John Hostettler,”
“Bush /Sue Kelly,"
and even “Bush/Chafee.”

That last is
particularly telling. Senator Lincoln Chafee had
admitted to

voting against Bush
in the 2004 Presidential
election; he opposed almost every item in the Bush

for amnesty for illegal aliens.
This guy was the

ultimate unBush.
And even he couldn`t escape the
Bush curse: he was

easily defeated.

last election of the Bush presidency is behind us. Yet,
as a term-limited incumbent, he arrogantly continues his
defiance of the wishes of the American people and his
oath of office by collaborating with Reid-Kennedy-Pelosi
on a policy of

national suicide.
Republicans` dislike, even hatred,
of him grows. All reason to conceal those emotions ended
when the polling places closed their doors on November
7, 2006.

Republicans may confirm this fact with a little
experiment: tell another Republican that you hope Bush
is impeached. Watch the response.

subject of your experiment will not laugh, not even if
he or she is in a position as a member of Congress to be
able to initiate the process. Instead, what you likely
will hear is a look of sadness and a wistful look that
implies: “Yes, if only…”



Republicans in the U.S. House
would decide not to
wait for President Bush to again betray his country.

In a
moment, your subject`s `if only` look will disappear and
he`s likely to respond with one or more of the following

  • “But then we`ll get Cheney and he won`t be any

  • “But then Nancy Pelosi would become president should
    something happen to a President Cheney.”

  • “But then we Republicans will find ourselves in
    alliance with the likes of Ramsey Clark and the rest
    of the lunatic left.”

  • “Republicans shouldn`t cooperate in removing a
    Republican president because Democrats blocked all
    efforts to impeach the equally corrupt Bill

  • “Dumping Bush will harm Republican chances for
    victory in `08.”

these objections are nonsense.

Objections #1.
Cheney will be president and won`t be any better

Wrong. No matter what

Cheney`s intentions
, he cannot be as bad as Bush
because, as an un-elected president his power will be
limited. As weak as is Bush`s influence with Congress, a
President Cheney`s would be even less. Thus he could not
pose a threat to that presented by the continuation of
the Bush disaster.

Objection #2.
Pelosi will be second in line to the presidency.

what? Can anyone believe that

, a double-unelected president, could possibly
do as much damage as this

hopelessly arrogant
George Bush will in the same
period? Although I`ve been a Republican all my adult
life, the actions of this president leave no doubt in my
mind that a

President Pelosi
is a lesser threat than seventeen
more months of President Bush.

#3.Republicans will be in alliance with Ramsey Clark and
the rest of the hate-America-lunatic-left.

Republicans should look to the example of Winston
Churchill. For his entire life, from the 1917 Bolshevik
Revolution to his death, he was the world`s greatest and

most eloquent
opponent of Communism. Yet he did not
hesitate to form an alliance with Stalin after the

German invasion of the USSR in 1941
. At that moment
the greatest threat to his nation was not Stalin but
Hitler. He did this while simultaneously affirming that
he would

“unsay no word”
of his many comments about the
dehumanizing effects of Marxism. Today Republicans must
recognize that, no matter how despicable are the leftist
leaders of the impeachment movement are, they are a
lesser threat to this country than Bush.

have nothing but contempt for Ramsey Clark, a man who
has devoted much of his life defending

murderous tyrants

anyone else who hates the United States of America.

Clark is no doubt an enemy of America. But it is Bush
not Clark who poses the greater threat to our country.

Objection # 4.
Republicans shouldn`t remove Bush because Democrats
refused to remove Clinton.

accept that there is logic and justice to this argument.
But the harm being done to America today is being
inflicted by George Bush, not

Bill Clinton.
Concern for country requires
Republicans to rise above their justifiable resentment
of the other party.

Objection # 5:
“Dumping Bush will harm
Republican chances for victory in `08.”

Even Republicans who have no thought about the danger of
two more years of Bush should understand that dumping
this man may help Republican candidates in 2008.
How many Republicans, including the nominee for
president, will want to have their names linked to Bush?
Will even a single Republican want to offer his
Democratic opponent the opportunity to say of him:
“He supported Bush to the bitter end

better for Republican candidates to be able to say:
“I voted to impeach.”

Republicans have to face the facts: Their President is a
thoroughly arrogant man, contemptuous of the suffering
he has caused

so many ordinary Americans,
indifferent to the
welfare of our country and its

. For him the Constitution is nothing but
a scrap of paper. He violates the duties it imposes on
him despite the oath he took to uphold it.

Shortly after 9/11, George Bush stood on the ruins of
the World Trade Center and told the American people:

“I hear you.”
Presumably when he said that he was
promising he would do all in his power to prevent
another such attack. Instead he has done just the
opposite, making more attacks inevitable. Clearly, that
day on what amounted to a mass grave was for Bush
nothing but a

photo op
., for when he stood on the ruins he lied.
He lies today; he has lied every day in between.
Americans die because of his lies.

is one Republican who believes that Republicans in the
House of Representatives should put their duty to the
Constitution and the people of this country above
misplaced loyalty to this execrable human being. The
Constitution provides a way to remove such a man from


Barry Goldwater
was delegated by the senior members
of his party to perform a last great service to his
country. They asked him to

inform President Nixon
that the time to fight

had come to an end.

Today, it is time for Republicans in the House to rise
above the precedent set by Democrats in

the Clinton era
, and to begin the process of
removing the president. As soon as House Republicans
face this fact, the sooner a new Barry Goldwater can
wake up George W. Bush to the fact that he has failed
and it`s time to go back

to Crawford
for good. 

Peter Gadiel (email
him) is president of

9/11 Families
for a Secure America
His son, 9/11 World Trade Center victim James
Gadiel (North Tower, 103rd floor),
was 23 at the time of his murder. The views
expressed are his own.