09/12/01 – Checking In After the WTC Attacks

reports: This New York lawyer is (we think) the last member
of VDARE`s New York family to report in after
yesterday`s terrorist attacks. We hope to resume posting


I am fine; many thanks for asking.
My office is a block from where WTC was (!), looking
across at it, so I saw everything, including all the
falling people.  I heard what sounded like a low-level
fighter, so looked out in time to get a good look at the
first jet in.  As you can imagine, after that we didn`t
look away for long until the buildings collapsed and we
all ran for the stairwell.  Our building got smoky and
dirty; no more.  When I went to give blood, they asked
all military types to help with rescue.  Unfortunately,
after hours of aimless milling about, it became obvious
that no-one was going to use us for anything, so most of
us went home.  I hope John was uptown and well out of

Thank you for the law review
article [on the citizenship
clause of the 14th Amendment
], it looks
great and has some arguments relevant to the recent
mail.  I`m a little too flustered to read it
intelligently just now, though.

September 12, 2001