February 3, 2010

More On The N.E. Patriots Illegal Snow Shovelers

The Providence Journal’s Karen Lee Ziner has just published an interesting update on the ICE arrest of Guatemalan illegals who were recently hired to shovel snow at Gillette Stadium just before a New England Patriots game [How did dozens of illegal immigrants end up shoveling snow at Gillette?, by Karen Lee Ziner, Providence Journal, January 31, 2010].

Ability to Speak English Is Derided in... England

The word "racism" continues to morph like a deadly cancer beyond its meaning of prejudice based upon skin color. The misuse in this case centers on cabbies speaking English, though a language can be learned by anyone (even immigrants), while a person cannot change their race.

Obviously it is not racism to advertise the skill set of the driver. Prospective customers want to know that the cabbie will understand when they explain where they want to go. Communication is a central part of the job.

Illegal Aliens, Anti-Racists With Juiceboxes, And The English Language

AWARE-LA, the "Alliance of White Anti-Racists Everywhere" i[Email them]s an organization which opposes, among other things, VDARE.com. They are not, as I've pointed out before in another context, "self-hating" whites. They do not hate themselves. They hate me.

They really want these Haitians

The Washington Post is determined. After running not one but two Op-Ed pieces calling for increased Haitian immigration, it followed up with its own editorial The U.S. should welcome Haitians in Friday, January 29, 2010

Aunt Zeituni Is Back In Court

Aunt Zeituni Onyango will appear in U.S. Immigration Court on Thursday.  But according to the Boston Herald, Judge Leonard I.

Why Global Democratic Revolution (And Mass Immigration) Won't Work

VDARE.COM readers will recognize Tatu Vanhanen as the Finnish political scientist who has co-written two important books with Richard Lynn: 

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  • A MA Reader Calls Democrats And Republicans "Dumber Than Rocks"

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    02/02/10 - A Michigan Reader Demands The End Of All Race-Based Congressional Caucuses