Fundraising Time Again! Then Again, What`s “Fun” About Fundraising?? Wishes William F. Buckley A Moderately Happy Birthday, But We Continue To Stand Athwart National Review Crying “Stop!”

Today we have  the promised  Paul Gottfried article on former conservative William F. Buckley, wishing him a, (ahem) “moderately” happy birthday, (he turns 81 today) while going over the less creditable aspects of his career as self-appointed leader of the Conservative movement.

We specifically object to WFB`s  habit of playing Grand Inquisitor towards others on the Right, who don`t follow his ideological  twists, turns, and alignments in a timely fashion has made things difficult, not just for Peter Brimelow, who was purged from National Review for taking the same positions on immigration and other issues that Buckley himself had followed through the 50`s and 60`s, but for many other paleo-conservative writers and activists.

Reader contributions to continue to come in, including some from people who must have gotten up from the  Thanksgiving Dinner contribute , but we still need to ask, like Oliver Twist, for “More. ” Your contributions to are greatly appreciated. Scroll down to the bottom (right by the donate buttons) to read Paul Gottfried`s column about why Bill Buckley`s contributions to the (former) conservative movement are not.

Fundraising Time Again! Then Again, What`s “Fun” About Fundraising??

Wow! It has been almost three months since I went on maternity leave (Adam Quincy, born August 18, 7lb 2 oz.) which means…I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY!!

I`m just too darned exhausted to say it! On second thought, I think I can muster the energy necessary for a few simple annotations.

Are you feeling depressed about the election?

Do you feel the need to medicate your sorrow or move to Australia a la Michael Moore? Sadly, his move down under proved to be an empty threat—or a broken promise or a blatant lie or whatever he accuses Bush and the Republican Congress of doing.

Perhaps you need a therapeutic remedy for your Post Election Selection Trauma?

Good grief, remember all that wacky melodrama following the 2004 elections?

All those liberals who were so devastated by their inability to convince sane people to buy into their cruddy agenda and vote for their candidates?

Oh yeah, these would-be “leaders” (and the American Medical Association) had to literally invent a medical disorder to explain the exacerbated symptoms of their already pre-existing insanity!

Oh my God, Republicans won AGAIN…I can`t go on…Bush II was re-elected…I need Prozac…gay marriage is still illegal…I think I`m going to jump!

I wish this was a joke but Post Election Selection Trauma (PEST) was coined (for reals!) after the elections of `04…granted, it was invented more or less by the same nutbars who lost but there you go.

(See: John Kerry and Howard BYAAAH!! Dean.)

Now then, the only thing more absurd than PEST is the fabled Latino vote—or more precisely the MSM`s insistence that:

  1. The number of registered Latino voters is basically three times more than the actual number of Latinos living in the United States. You know the drill:

LA Times: “The polls are in and it looks like 600 million Hispanics voted for John Kerry while incumbent George W. Bush received just two Hispanic votes—his sister-in-law (Jeb`s wife) and of course his nephew, Jorge P. Bush.”

  1. The gargantuan Hispanic vote has decimated the GOP because they insist on angering Latinos by passing immigration reform legislation such as fence building.

Steve Sailer so succinctly sorted out the sham on Sunday (say that three times): As to count 1) WRONG! As to count 2) WRONG!

Aside from the fact the MSM is more often than not wrong, this idea is incredibly absurd for this reason alone:


Hmm…maybe they had their bums (as a mom I find I have a whole new lingo for certain words such as “bum”) handed to them because they won`t tackle immigration reform!

There has been much speculation about the how`s and why`s of the 2006 elections—specifically, why did the GOP lose everything?

The question has been analyzed and re-analyzed ad nauseum and quite frankly, it just doesn`t matter…not at this point.

The results of this election have left me with only one certainty:

The existing two-party system is obsolete and will likely meet with extinction by the conclusion of the 2008 election.

In a sense, it is already extinct and a new third party has emerged from the fray.

All those voters who stayed home; the disenfranchised folk who rebelled against the liberal anti-war rhetoric and protested the GOP`s lack of principles—they represent the new, albeit nameless, third party.

The only people who showed up at the polls were:

  1. The dreamers who cling to the belief that they can make a difference—that they have a patriotic duty to vote…and God bless them!


  1. The poor, well-intended souls who think they can end the war by electing Democrats.


  1. The politicians actually running for office.

Everybody else is completely fed up with the Feds and most of all, the DNC and the GOP.

The Democrats promised change—the end of the war, a raise in minimum wage, protection for social security and enhancement of social benefits.

In short, all of the things liberals want to hear.

The Republicans promised…well, nothing.

In short, not exactly what conservatives wanted to hear.

The results of the 2006 election are probably the most accurate reflection of public sentiment I have ever seen in an election.

The voters did not reject conservative values, they rejected neo-conservatives.

Across the nation, voters rejected affirmative action and same-sex marriage—simultaneously, they enacted new laws to combat the growing illegal immigration problems in their own states.

States such as Arizona cut off state funding for illegal immigrants and made English the official language.

In more than 50 cities nationwide, city councils are already implementing new ordinances which prohibit the renting of apartments and homes to illegal immigrants.

Additionally, these ordinances impose significant financial penalties for employers who choose to shun federal law and employ illegal immigrants—in many areas, these employers may even lose their business license for such an offense.

And this trend is spreading like wildfire!

Forget Los Angeles, Houston, New York and Miami…the millions of people who have the very good fortune to not live in those cesspools are fighting back!

One by one, the small towns are flexing their own political muscle against the illegal immigrant lobby…and winning.

The ACLU, La Raza and MALDEF have of course filed myriad lawsuits against these elective bodies but here`s a thought:

How much time and money do they really have?

I know the Three Evil Musketeers (ACLU, La Raza, and MALDEF) have fairly deep pockets. But can they really fight every city council in every county in every state in the nation?

I don`t think so.

Here`s where readers come in…

As dismayed as you may be following the election…as fearful as you may be that the new liberal Congress will pass an amnesty bill (and they likely will)…I promise you, hope remains.

There has never been a time where supporting independent groups such as VDARE.COM has been more important…or more lucrative.

Trust me; we are so not in love with the Democrats or the Republicans…we are beholden to nobody except our readers.

We have one purpose: to carry your message—the message of immigration reform—all the way to the White House…and then to cram it down their throats.

Right now, the GOP is flailing about trying to figure out how they dropped a two-ton anvil on themselves. Even worse, the Democrats will be scrambling to get as much of their ridiculous, anti-American agenda through Congress as possible before the jig is up.

Now that Pelosi and Co. will be sitting at the adult table with the unfortunate task of making grown-up decisions, they will realize that war is not a simple, mathematic equation involving troop withdrawal.

We did not enter the war lightly and we will not exit lightly…and in the meantime, we have big problems at home.

When the war is still continuing in 2008 and Pelosi and Co. try to explain to their electorate why it is so, nobody will listen.

Oh yeah, when these cats fail to deliver on their promise to end the war, there will be rioting in the streets.

The only hope for Republicans in the 2008 elections will be a strong agenda…much like the Contract with America of 1994.

Bush II has already canned Rumsfeld and nominated Senator Mel Martinez (R-Fla) to head the RNC…neither decision leads me to believe that he is looking to the future.

(Well, he may be looking to the future, but it seems more like those people who stand on street corners preaching made-up gospel while they predict “the end is near!”)

As for Rumsfeld, he was obviously the fall guy but Martinez is a much more disturbing decision:

It means the President is sticking with his “We need more Hispanic voters” campaign theory…you know, the one that never works!

Again, enter the as-of-yet unnamed Third Party and

The only way to beat these guys—and I mean absolutely, positively, without a doubt the only way—is to by-pass them altogether and take matters into our own hands.

In the seven years since began, the issue of legal and illegal immigration went from a taboo topic avoided like the plague by all politicians seeking office to one of the top three campaign issues today.

And that`s with a war going on! If it was peace-time we might find it to be the number one issue!

At this pace, by 2008 it will be the most important issue!

(Something I predicted many years ago in a conversation with Peter Brimelow who thought it would happen sooner…ha, I was right.)

If you have heard nothing else I have written today, hear this:

It will make no difference in 2008 if the hottest issue is illegal immigration—but only the Treason Lobby is talking.

The reform side has to be better organized and frankly, louder.

We pledge to continue getting the word out but we can`t do it without you—you have to keep up and running.

There is no other organization like us—we seek to spread a message and influence policy. Every dime you donate goes to maintaining the site—we do not endorse candidates or (gag!) donate to their campaigns.

To put it simply, we want to stop illegal immigration…NOW!!

To that end, we pay writers to seek out the truth and share it with the world—not the version of truth one finds in the mainstream media but the sometimes harsh yet always fair, completely non-pc truth!

Please take a moment and look at the world around you—it`s a mess.

From education to medical costs, we are suffocating under the expense of illegal immigration.

We owe it to ourselves, our country, our children and our grandchildren to fight the good fight.

I know I owe it to my family so I`m all in!

Please join me and donate today.

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