The On-Air Black Killings And The Dis-Integration Of America

The Wednesday morning murders of 24-year-old Roanoke TV reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward, 27, were a racist atrocity, a hate crime. Were they not white, they would be alive today.

vester-l-flanagan-640x480[1]Their killer, Vester L. Flanagan II (pictured right) said as much in his farewell screed. He ordered his murder weapon, he said, two days after the slaughter of nine congregants at the African-American AME church in Charleston, South Carolina.

"What sent me over the top was the church shooting," said Flanagan.

To be sure, racism does not fully explain why Flanagan, fired from that same WDBJ7 station, committed this act of pure evil.

Black and homosexual, he said he was the target of anti-gay slurs from black males and racial insults from white colleagues. He had gotten himself fired from other jobs in broadcasting. He carried a grab bag of grudges and resentments.

Yet, in the last analysis, The Washington Post headline got it right: "Gunman's letter frames attack as racial revenge."

Other news organizations downplayed the racial aspect. But had those murdered journalists been young and black, and their killer a 40-something "angry white male," the racial motivation Read more >>

Ann Coulter: Correcting Bill O’Reilly (Again!) On “Birthright” Citizenship And The Constitution...

Earlier by Ann Coulter: FOX NEWS Anchored In Stupidity On 14th Amendment

511nk5odwLL._SY344_BO1204203200_-198x300[1]To support his insane interpretation of the post-Civil War amendments as granting citizenship to the kids of illegal aliens, Fox News' Bill O'Reilly is now taking job applications for the nonexistent—but dearly hoped-for—Jeb! administration, live, during his show.

(Apparently my debate with O'Reilly will be conducted in my column, Twitter feed and current bestselling book, Adios, America, against the highest-rated show on cable news.)

Republicans have been out of the White House for seven long years, and GOP lawyers are getting impatient. So now they're popping up on Fox News' airwaves, competing to see who can denounce Donald Trump with greater vitriol.

Last Thursday's job applicants were longtime government lawyers John Yoo [Email him] and David Rivkin. [Email him]

In response to O'Reilly's statement that "there is no question the Supreme Court decisions have upheld that portion of the 14th Amendment that says any person, any person born in the U.S.A. is entitled to citizenship ... for 150 years"—Yoo concurred, claiming: "This has been the rule in American history since the founding of the republic."

Yes, Americans fought at Valley Forge

What Is Obama’s Top Population-Control Freak Hiding?

The most transparent administration in American history is at it again—dodging sunlight and evading public disclosure.

Joining former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her secret servers, former IRS witch hunt queen Lois Lerner and her secret email accounts, former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and her Internet Read more >>

NEW YORKER’S Evan Osnos Learns Nothing—His Article About Trump Supporters One Long Sneer

newyorkercoverThe New Yorker has just published a 7,500-word article about Donald Trump, except it’s not really about Donald Trump. Two thirds of it is about Mr. Trump’s supporters—including me—and that’s what explains the title: “The Fearful and the Frustrated” [August 31, 015]. New Yorker readers can feel smug without even reading the article; Mr. Trump appeals to losers, just as they have always thought.

The author Evan Osnos, [Email him] is a veteran journalist and has been with the New Yorker for seven years. After weeks of following Mr. Trump around and talking to his fans, he announces that Mr. Trump is “expanding the discourse of hate,” that his core supporters are “the portion of the electorate that is drifting deeper into unreality,” that he could unleash “anti-democratic politics,” and that he appeals directly to “the crude tribalism that Richard Hofstadter named ‘the paranoid style’.”

What a monster! New Yorker readers can feel delightfully superior not only to Mr. Trump but to the unhinged primitives who might actually vote for him—that is to say, the 55 percent of white men who say that would back him over Hillary Clinton.

The article is a perfect example of blinkered, self-congratulatory journalism. It makes no effort actually to understand anything. Mr. Osnos does quote one or two key ideas of Mr. Trump’s supporters but Read more >>

Memo From Middle America: Trump Says “Eliminate Anchor Baby Loophole”—Texas May Have Begun!

2015-08-20-ABC-GMA-Trump2[1]Donald Trump has created a Main Stream Media frenzy by calling for closing the birthright citizenship loophole. Even some other Republican candidates showing signs of following his lead, if uncertainly [ How does Trump Intend To Pull Off His Immigration Plan? It’s Called Management, by Dylan Stableford, Yahoo Politics, August 23, 2015] Yet the state of Texas may have trumped the Donald on this issue: health and records officials in certain jurisdictions are refusing to issue birth certificates to children of illegal alien mothers.

Officials insist it has nothing to do with the citizenship of the children nor the immigration status of the mothers—it’s only a problem of secure identification. Nevertheless, they are not issuing the birth certificates, and thus, anchor babies are not getting citizenship.

Needless to say, the very illegal aliens we are told are “living in the shadows” have filed a lawsuit. [ Mexican And Central American Illegal Immigrants Sue Texas For Birth Certificates , By Lana Shadwick, Breitbart, July 24, 2015]

These parents don’t deny they are illegal aliens. They just arrogantly insist their anchor babies have the right to receive birth certificates in the country they are illegally occupying.

According to

Is Trumpism The New Economic Nationalism?

Above, new Ford cars outside the Ford plant--in Brazil.

trumpamericadeserveSince China devalued its currency 3 percent, global markets have gone into a tailspin. Why should this be?

After all, 3 percent devaluation in China could be countered by a U.S. tariff of 3 percent on all goods made in China, and the tariff revenue used to cut U.S. corporate taxes.

The crisis in world markets seems related not only to a sinking Chinese economy, but also to what Beijing is saying to the world; i.e., China will save herself first even if it means throwing others out of the life boat.

Disbelievers in New World Order mythology have long recognized that this new China is fiercely nationalistic. Indeed, with Marxism-Leninism dead, nationalism is the Communist Party's fallback faith.

China has thus kept her currency cheap
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