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Liberating America (contd.): Environmentalists Decide Nation Worth Preserving

There's some good news about conservationists who are trying to conserve our nation's natural heritage by fighting for an immigration cutback.

Memo From Mexico | The Long and Short Reach Of Mexican Labor Law

Having read Mexican newspapers for years, I've ceased to be amazed at how such contradictory views of immigration and sovereignty can be expressed, with no apparent sense of irony, in the same article.

Compassionate Tyranny

The real threat to America

What takes First Priority?

Homeland Security or Tyranny at home?

The Americanization Of Frank Wu

Frank Wu, the first Asian law professor at Howard University (Howard is an "historically black" college, de facto exempt from Justice Department diversity scrutiny) recently published an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education called The Invisibility of Asian-American Scholars (link requi