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San Antonio’s Unarmed Black “Gentle Giant” Occasions No Riots—Just Beats White Victim To Death With Fists

Bexar County Sheriff's Office mug shot of Michael Joseph Fobbs Jr.

War on Whites? At 11 p.m. on July 3, a 21-year old black man, Michael Joseph Fobbs Jr., was pacing angrily in and out of the San Antonio Amtrak Station, waiting for a train.

At one point, according to a crowd of witnesses and a surveillance videotape, Fobbs stopped in front of a white man who was quietly sitting on a bench just outside the station door, also waiting for a train, and sucker punched him in the head, and then hit him again, knocking him out. Fobbs, who is 6’3” and over 250 lbs., then reportedly said, “I feel like killing someone,” and beat his white victim to death. [Man pummeled to death at train station by Vianna Davila, San Antonio Express News, July 7, 2014.]

Witnesses said that Fobbs calmly walked back into the station, took a clean shirt from his things, and changed his blood-drenched shirt in the bathroom.

Police said that Fobbs was abnormally detached and lacking in affect. He announced to them that he had hit his victim to protect himself, even though the victim had given no suggestion of violence.

News reports helpfully added that no one had heard the victim say anything that might have “provoked” Fobbs.

Michael Joseph Fobbs Jr. has been charged with murder.

Let me try and explain what the police found so baffling.

They were trying to explain Fobbs’ demeanor via white psychology. But Fobbs is black. For many black males, explosions of sadistic and masochistic violence give a sexual-like release.

When I was 14, I was the token white in a small black gang, whose leader, Allan “Pancho” Hankins, once ordered me to torture him.

We were alone in the apartment of Pancho’s sister, Sarah. Pancho ordered me to twist his legs as far as I could, out of their sockets. I dutifully complied, while Pancho screamed, “Do it, Stix, do it!”

In the memoir of black supremacist, admitted rapist, convicted robber and alleged “journalist,” Nathan McCall, Makes Me Wanna Holler, McCall celebrated the momentary release he felt when he and his friends jumped a white teenager who had made the mistake of riding through a black neighborhood, and beat him almost to death.

Whites, far from ever harming McCall, who grew up middle class, had done nothing but help him all his life.

Fobbs told police that he had felt the need to kill the quiet, older, unassuming white man in self-defense.

This mentality is part and parcel of genocidal black alienation and is laid out explicitly in The Isis Papers: The Keys To The Colors, by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, a Washington, DC psychiatrist. Welsing argues that blacks must annihilate...

If The GOP Establishment Is So Smart, Why Isn’t It Winning 2014 Midterms (Without Obama’s Help)?

The 2014 GOP wave confidently predicted by party hacks after the Establishment’s string of ruinously expensive narrow primary victories is showing ominous signs of being just a ripple. No surprise: while the conventional MSM/ GOP consultant narrative blames “extremist” Tea Party candidates for recent defeats—ignoring the fact that Establishment candidates failed too—the reality is the Republican Establishment has a thirty-year history of blowing elections, basically because it fails to mobilize the party’s white base. Ironically, if the GOP does win this year, it may be because some candidates are finally mentioning immigration—and because the Obama Regime goes for Administrative Amnesty.

Signs of ripple are everywhere:

So where’s the wave? This is President Obama’s sixth-year-itch election. The map of states with contested Senate seats could hardly be better from the Republicans’ vantage point. And the breaks this year—strong candidates, avoidance of damaging gaffes, issues such as Obamacare and immigration that stir the party base—have mainly gone the GOP’s way, very unlike 2012.Nonetheless, the midterms are far from over. In every single one of the Crystal Ball’s toss-up states, (Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana and North Carolina), the Republican Senate candidate has not yet opened up a real polling lead in any of them….GOP hopes in the Senate have been dashed in the previous four elections; if there’s a fifth this November, Republicans will have only themselves to blame.”

[Surf's Up| there be a GOP wave in the Senate—or a wipeout?by Larry Sabato, Kyle Kondik, and Geoffrey Skelley, POLITICO Magazine, August 25, 2014]


WASHINGTON - It's almost Labor Day, the traditional kick-off to the final stretch of congressional elections. And this was considered a pretty good year for the Republicans to take over the U.S. Senate.And that, of course, would change Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's job title to "majority leader," if he wins his own race.

Well, right now, there's no GOP wave out there, as far as some top analysts can see. Indeed, a Republican takeover of the Senate is not entirely a sure thing.

Analysts: don't expect a GOP wave in Senate, by James R. Carroll, Louisville Courier-Journal, August 27, 2014

Commenting on these reports, Rush Limbaugh said savagely:

Have you heard any Republicans say, "We have got to secure the border and we have got to stop this wanton invasion of illegal alien children"? Have you heard any Republican stand up and say anything in opposition to what's going on now? Have you? I haven't. It's, to me, striking.And yet the Republicans, people talk about a wave election, how is that going to happen? Are they sitting there really believing that the only or the best thing to do is to shut up and don't become targets and let the Democrats commit harakiri and, come November, people will vote Republican automatically 'cause they're so fed up with the Democrats? Is that what the thinking is?

… [I]sn't it ironic? The GOP, despite everything, is still depending on the Tea Party for a huge wave victory in November.

Can Anybody Find the GOP Campaign?, Rush, August 27, 2014

The GOP Establishment’s record of ruin began in 1988, when it regained control of the party after George H.W. Bush, lying through his teeth and running as Reagan III, won forty states and a larger share (53.5%) of the popular vote than any subsequent president. Pat Buchanan judged in Right from the Beginningthat the “largest vacuum in American politics” in 1988 was to the right of Ronald Reagan. Yet in the years that followed, the Republican Party ran a series of corporate centrists who either blew winnable elections (George H.W. Bush in 1992, Bob Dole in 1996, John McCain in 2008, Mitt Romney in 2012) or won pitifully narrow victories (George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004). In the process, Kevin Phillips’s "Emerging Republican Majority" coalition that elected Nixon, Reagan, and (once) George H.W. Bush, was despised and allowed to disintegrate.

In all of these cases, the GOP Establishment got the candidate it wanted. And in all of these cases, they lost, with the partial exceptions of the Bush II Presidencies—which turned into a catastrophe.

Now the GOP Establishment seems poised to replicate this record of failure, this time in the battle over the Senate. And, remember, the Establishment owns this election cycle, having waged war against its own base.

Republicans need six seats in order to retake the Senate, and they’ve already caught some lucky breaks, as when the Democratic candidate in Montana withdrew over a plagiarism scandal. [Democrats face a steep climb in Montana Senate race, by Harry Enten, FiveThirtyEight, August 7, 2014]

But with Obama’s unpopularity on the immigration issue, American foreign policy seemingly...

Has Hillary Ever Been Right On Foreign Policy?

Sen. Rand Paul raises an interesting question: When has Hillary [...]

Rap, Thugs, And Bloodstained Hypocrisy of Hollywood’s Violence Profiteers

Gangsta rapper Snoop Dogg bows his head and flashing a peace sign during a "moment of silence" for Ferguson

Did you miss Tinseltown's latest political correctness powwow? Preening celebrities showed their solidarity with Ferguson, Mo., at the MTV Video Music Awards show this week. Rapper Common led the convocation, preachifying about the positive impact of hip-hop music on society as a "powerful instrument of social change" and "truth."

Cameras showed drug-addled gangsta rapper Snoop Dogg bowing his head and flashing a peace sign during a "moment of silence" for Ferguson. MTV President Stephen Friedman aired public service announcements plying social justice messages. "It's a call to action to our audience that we have to confront our own bias head-on before we can truly create change," Friedman pontificated.

Spare me the shizzle and hypocri-dizzle.

While these Hollywood do-gooders gnash their Zoom!-brightened teeth over violence in the black community, they turn their Restylane-filled cheeks from the bullet-riddled violence glamorized by their own industry.

The night before the VMAs, a gunman barged into the 1Oak nightclub in West Hollywood and shot rap mogul Suge Knight six times. He survived.

It wasn't the first time Knight had been targeted for apparent revenge. And it wasn't the first time the VMA party scene had been rattled by violent gunfire. In 2005, Knight was shot at a pre-VMA party in Miami hosted by rapper Kanye West.

Knight, founder of the Death Row Records empire and possessor of a mile-long rap sheet, reportedly refuses to cooperate with L.A. police, who are investigating the roles of the infamous Bloods and Crips rival street gangs in the crime. The Bloods-affiliated Knight's reign of criminal terror has been well documented...

Lynn, Massachusetts Just The Beginning—Immigration Becoming Key Issue Nationwide

Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy of Lynn, Massachusetts outlined the cost of the federal government’s immigration attack on its own citizens at a Washington DC event hosted by the Center for Immigration Studies on August 27. She described a city in fiscal decline as a direct result of the Obama Administration’s actions. The same thing is happening all around the country. Americans under attack need a champion—and immigration patriots should take up their cause and ensure border security, employment verification, and an immigration moratorium are the key issues of this year’s campaign.

Lynn is a blue collar city of 90,000. The Obama Administration dumps an increasing number of immigrants on the city’s school system each year, from 54 in the 2010-11 school year to 329 in 2011-12, 421 in 2012-13, and 538 in 2013-14.

When Mayor Kennedy came into office 4 ½ years ago, Lynn had a $16 million surplus and an AAA bond rating. Since then, increased expenses from immigration have lowered the city’s bond rating to A+, increasing the cost of borrowing. New facilities need to be constructed. Community policing programs that successfully fought gang violence had to be canceled.

And American students, as well as taxpayers, pay the price. Some new attendees arrive not only ignorant of English but Spanish as well. This forces huge logistical problems on the school system. Many of the immigrants drop out to work in both the beginning of the fall, return, and then drop out again near the end of spring. This means they are counted as “drop outs” twice in official figures, devastating the academic ratings of the school system and hurting property values and quality of life. [Local Impact of Illegal Border Surge, CIS, August 2014]

What is to be done? Dino Drudi, an economist in the audience, suggested that Lynn should sue the Department of Justice for failing to protect against “invasion,” as called for in the Constitution. Of course, as CIS Senior Policy Analyst Jessica Vaughan commented, even identifying aliens as illegal is a “quaint concept” for our federal government.

Mayor Kennedy didn’t speculate on what the federal government should do to ensure border security. But she is talking to Congressmen about how their failure to enforce the law is hurting her community—and as CIS Analyst Vaughan noted, Lynn, Massachusetts is hardly alone.

The federal government sure could use a wakeup call. According to the August 27 Wall Street Journal, the lead candidate to head Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is a Hispanic woman—the first of that particular demographic to head the agency. [Texas Federal Prosecutor Saldaña Is Leading Candidate to Run ICE, by Devlin Barrett] Is this just another Politically Correct gesture at a time of crisis? It certainly fits with the federal government’s seizing the immigration invasion as an opportunity to punish the historic American nation.

This is has gone far enough. If a Massachusetts Mayor (ironically sharing the surname of the Senator who unleashed the disastrous 1965 Immigration Act) can brave the inevitable charges of “racism” and speak out, so must ordinary Americans. This means making sure that immigration is the number one issue of the 2014 campaign—and the campaigns that follow.

Just look at the...

Ann Coulter: Would It Kill You To Hire More Black Cops? (Yes)

Ann CoulterAs the story of Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson's shooting of Michael Brown begins to look less clear-cut than we were led to believe by Brown's friend, Dorian Johnson, the "voices of oppression" on MSNBC now say the real issue is that there aren't enough blacks on the Ferguson police force.

As Brown may or may not have said seconds before his death: I give up.

If the Ferguson police are forced to hire more minorities and women for the sake of diversity, the one thing we can be sure of is that more black people will be murdered, raped and assaulted.

Someone's got to say it, so it might as well be me: I'm against more black people being murdered, raped and assaulted.

In a massive, detailed 2000 study of the effect of court-ordered affirmative action plans on police departments, economist John Lott found that the more minorities on a police force, the higher the rates of murder, manslaughter, violent crime, robbery and aggravated assault will be. Violent crime increased by a minimum of 3.3 percent every year after affirmative action policies went into effect—and the spike in crime was highest in black neighborhoods.[Does a Helping Hand Put Others At Risk?: Affirmative Action, Police Departments, and Crime, Economic Inquiry, April 2000]

The problem was not with black cops, Lott's study showed, but rather with the lowering of standards across the board, resulting in less-qualified officers of every race. To get more of MSNBC's "voices of oppression" on police forces, requirements are reduced for all recruits. (Just as quality declined at MSNBC when "voices of oppression" had to be added to their lineup.)

We end up with cops who are criminals, the Rampart scandal of the 1990s and great movies like "Training Day."

About a decade into a federal consent decree requiring the Los Angeles Police Department to hire more minority officers, the LAPD'S Rampart division was employing gang members in uniforms.

Training officer Jim Peasha told investigative reporter Jan Golab that he left his unit because of the preposterous recruits being sent to him as a result of affirmative action. "I had some fantastic minority recruits," Peasha said. "One black kid was the best I ever had." But he also had "one guy who I knew was on drugs and I couldn't get him out. He wound up getting caught working as a guard at a rock (cocaine) house. An off-duty cop!" [How Racial P.C. Corrupted the LAPD , American Enterprise, June 2005]

It was almost as if the LAPD was turning into the public school system.

By the time of the Rampart scandal...

The DREAMer Who Killed Two American Children, And The Complicit Bureaucrats Who Should Be Impeached

Treason isn’t committed by institutions—it’s committed by individuals. In this case, immigration bureaucrats Elizabeth Godfrey, Kenneth Hamilton, and Raphael Sanchez, among others, betrayed their country and their people by allowing an illegal alien who killed two American children to stay in the country.

Mexican illegal alien Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros killed two stepsisters, Anna Dieter-Eckerdt, 6, and Abigail Robinson, 11, by driving through a leaf pile where the girls were playing. What’s worse, Garcia-Cisneros failed to return to the scene after the accident and washed her car to hide evidence.


Killed by an illegal alien: Anna Dieter-Eckerdt, 6; Abigail Robinson, 11


The killer: DREAMER Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros

The judicial system essentially shrugged at Garcia-Cisnero’s crime, sentencing her to a slap on the wrist and probation. [Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros Released From Jail, Can Get Work Permit and Social Security Number, by Luke Hammill, The Oregonian, August 19, 2014]

But there were no fewer than three immigration enforcement bureaucracies that could have deported her as an illegal alien guilty of a felony. All of the officials at these organizations failed...

Asian-Bashing Dems and Doormat Minorities Who Enable Them


Harry Reid And The Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce

Harry Reid is a bigoted Beltway corruptocrat with an interminable case of diarrhea of the mouth. The feeble-minded coot stuck his foot in that mess of a mouth again last week at the Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce. But as mortifying as the Senate Majority Leader is, there's an even worse spectacle: Asian-American liberals who keep giving top Democrats and their partisan operatives blanket passes.

Reid clumsily offered his assessment of the success and intelligence of business leaders of Asian descent at the gathering. "I don't think you're smarter than anybody else, but you've convinced a lot of us you are," he babbled. You put those uppity Asians in their places, Hater Harry!

During a question-and-answer session, Reid followed up his jibe with a crude "joke" about Chinese surnames that would make Archie Bunker cringe: "One problem that I've had today is keeping my Wongs straight."

Good thing...

Dinesh D’Souza: Imagine America–And The Conservative Movement—Without Him

AMERICA-160x600_Banner_NowPlayingDinesh D’Souza has again outraged the Left/ MSM by comparing rioters in Ferguson to ISIS, the Islamic terrorist group that just beheaded journalist James Foley. [Conservative Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza Compares “What’s Going On in Ferguson” to ISIS, by Andrew Kaczynski, Buzzfeed, August 22, 2014] Typically, however, D’Souza’s criticism eschews race and religion in favor of the legalistic claim that both jihadists and protesters are using “perceived injustice” to inflict “new injustices.”

This curious combination of controversy and Political Correctness is characteristic of D’Souza—case in point: his latest film America: Imagine The World Without Her, which essentially tells us that America is the greatest country in the world…because it made possible Dinesh D’Souza.

D’Souza [Email him] is Conservatism Inc.’s master of racial triangulation, an Indian immigrant who smeared Sam Francis and plagiarized Jared Taylor in order to benefit his own career. D’Souza couples sabotaging of these genuine Dissident Right intellectuals with flimsy claims of persecution, as shown by his complaints about discrimination against his products by Costco and Google. [Dinesh D’Souza, Effective Crybaby, by Dave Weigel, Slate, July 10, 2014]

America tells conservatives not to be intimidated by the shaming tactics of the anti-American Left. However, it qualifies this worthy aspiration by ignoring the role of race in both America’s accomplishments and in the motivation of America’s Leftist enemies.

Despite its subtitle, Imagine The World Without Her, it isn’t an alternate history. Instead, D’Souza interviews a number of Left-wing activists, mostly nonwhite, who see America’s existence as a tragedy for so-called Native Americans, Mexicans, and blacks. In contrast, D’Souza identifies himself as an immigrant who “chose” America, and is therefore uniquely qualified to explain its essence to the rubes.

D’Souza summarizes the case of the anti-American Left under five main

To Defeat The Islamic State Make Peace With Muslim Countries

The decisions that determined the fate of the great nations [...]