Psychoanalyzing Trump: How To Write A NEW YORK TIMES Op-Ed In Three Easy Steps!

511nk5odwLL._SY344_BO1204203200_-198x300[1]Today we'll talk about how to write a New York Times op-ed in 45 minutes or less. We all like labor-saving tips!

The main point to keep in mind is that your op-ed is not intended to elucidate, educate or amuse. These are status pieces meant to strike a pose, signaling that you are a good person.

After reading your op-ed, readers should feel the warm sensation of being superior to other people—those who don't agree with you. The idea is to be in fashion. It's all about attitude, heavy on eye-rolling.

(1) Psychoanalyze conservatives as paranoid and insecure. Liberals—who, to a man, have been in psychoanalysis—enjoy putting people they disagree with on the operating table and performing a vivisection, as if conservatives are some lower life form.

Thus, for example, an op-ed in this week's Times by Arthur Goldwag [Email him] was titled "Putting Donald Trump on the Couch."

This should not be confused with Justin A. Frank's 2004 book, "Bush on the Couch," offering a detailed diagnosis of Bush's alleged mental disorders.

Nor should it be confused

Birth-Wrong U.S. Citizenship Poster Boy Jose Fernando Villagomez—And The Colonized City Of Santa Maria CA

Marilyn-Pharis-jpgTwo “men” have been charged with sexually assaulting and bludgeoning to death Marilyn Pharis, who was asleep in her Santa Maria CA home after working a night shift at Vandenberg Air Force Base where she was a satellite tracker, on July 24. [ Two men charged with murder in attack of SM woman, By Kyle Harding , Lompoc Record, August 5, 2015]

In the wake of the infamous Kate Steinle killing, the Main Stream Media focused on the fact that one of the accused, Victor Aureliano Martinez, is an illegal alien with a long rap sheet. But it’s important to note that the other accused (also charged with murder and rape) Jose Fernando Villagomez, is a U.S. citizen only because he was born in the San Francisco Bay Area, moving to Mexico at age three and then returned to the U.S. at age 15. [ Second suspect arrested in assault of 64-year-old woman, by Kyle Harding, Lompoc Record, August 5, 2015]He obviously traveled with his mother to Mexico, so we can assume his mother was a Mexican national which makes Villagomez a birthright U.S. citizen—what Ann Coulter has memorably called an “anvil baby.”

Make that a “Birth-Wrong Citizen.”

Villagomez, who was picked up five days after the crime because of an unrelated probation violation and recognized as the other guy in the assault on Marilyn Pharis, is a poster boy for all that is wrong with birthright citizenship. But the MSM has ignored him—as it has ignored the plight of Santa Maria, California, which was a small, middle-class, racially-mixed city in the 1970s, before the immigration invasion of the last 30 years. ( Police Chief Blames Immigration, Crime Policies in Death of Santa Maria Woman, KTLA, August 10, 2015)

Santa Maria, about 120 miles north of Los Angeles, is the largest city in Santa Barbara County. In 1970, the population was 32,749. In 1990, the population doubled to 61,284 and now the population is over 100,000, three times larger than it was in 1970. All of that growth is due to Hispanic immigration and U.S. citizen births to immigrants—most of whom entered the country illegally. Hispanics make up 70 percent of the residents of Santa Maria today; 35 percent are foreign-born. [US Census QuickFacts]

Why did so many Mexicans move to Santa Maria? As Santa Maria resident Michael Rivera recently told the Santa Maria Times: “city leaders turned Santa Maria into a ‘de facto sanctuary city’ to provide cheap labor for the agriculture industry. . . .” [ Murder case sparks national outrage over immigration issues, By Kyle Harding, August 13, 2015]

Mr. Rivera, a friend of the author, has been an immigration patriot Read more >>

Jeb Bush Endorsed By Eric Cantor: Poster Boy of the Beltway GOP Crapweasels

Ooouuuch. My sides are still aching after last week's comical announcement by GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush that he had snagged the coveted endorsement of notorious electoral reject Eric Cantor, the former House majority leader kicked to the curb by disgusted voters in Virginia's 2014 primary election.

Newsflash to GOP elites: Getting Cantor's support is not like landing a prized marlin. It's like hooking one of those hideous bottom-feeding blobfish named the world's ugliest creature.

Inside the Beltway, The Washington Post reported, "Cantor remains well-liked and respected in the Virginia business community and among the Republican donor class in the commonwealth."

But outside the Beltway,

John Derbyshire: Was Alison Parker’s Murder Friendly Fire? Whatever—The MSM Will Deep-Six It Anyway

Adapted from the latest Radio Derb (now available free on

handholdinggunThe two commonest topics stirred up by crazy shootings like Vester Lee Flanagan II’s murder of reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward, are, one, gun control, and two, treatment of the mentally ill. Nobody has anything to say about either than makes much sense to me.

Gun control? Plenty of jurisdictions have more liberal gun laws than Virginia, with very little gun crime. The BBC reported two years ago that the nation of Iceland is, quote, "awash with guns," yet the homicide rate in Iceland is essentially zero. Similarly with Switzerland. Vermont has the most liberal gun laws in America, yet it's not notorious as a hotbed of gun crime.

The mentally ill? It's plain from the manifesto that Flanagan was crazy as a coot: or, to quote his own precise words, "Yeah, I'm all f----d up in the head.”. Like Dylann Roof in Charleston, Flanagan was in fact in the long line of homicidal lunatics in America who have hoped to ignite a race war. As Radio Derb pointed out back in June, that line also includes kindred psychos Charles Manson 46 years ago and John Brown 156 years ago. Nations have their own styles in lunacy, and this is one of the classic American styles.

But do we even have a firm definition of "mentally ill"? Do we even want one? I'm not sure that I do. Many Goodwhites believe that we Badwhites are mentally ill for not going along with the Narrative. I'm sure a lot of them would like to lock us up in asylums, as happened to dissidents in the old U.S.S.R.

The father of Alison Parker

Can the GOP Deal With Iran?

Ten weeks before the first U.S.-Soviet summit ever held in Moscow, in May 1972, North Vietnam, with Soviet-supplied armor and artillery, crossed the DMZ in an all-out offensive to overrun the South.

President Nixon responded with air and naval strikes on the North.

Yet Nixon went to Moscow and

Donald Trump: Last Chance For Conservatism–Or First Sign Of White Identity Politics? Maybe Both

Trump unstumped: The Donald now has the largest lead of any Republican this election cycle, according to a recent poll showing the real estate developer is beating his nearest competitor (Ben Carson) by sixteen points [ Trump lead grows; Clinton slips: poll , AFP, August 27, 2015]. He has displaced Scott Walker to take the lead in Iowa and, perhaps even more telling, has reversed his unfavorability ratings there in an unprecedented way. [ This Iowa poll shows just how amazing Donald Trump’s rise has been, by Chris Cillizza, Washington Post, August 30, 2015]. The Beltway Right is unleashing a desperate attack against him, warning that he “is antithetical to the modern conservative movement” (true!) [ The anti-Trump angst grows, by Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post, August 30, 2015].

But the truth is that Trump represents a last chance for “conservatism” to remain relevant in American politics. And the borderline hysterical reaction against him reveals the embarrassing fact that political victory, or even influence, is less important to many Conservatism Inc. types than being seen as respectable in the eyes of elite liberal opinion.

Indeed, the problem with Trump
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