U.S. To Break Up Soon?

According to Macedonian Radio and Television On-line
(MRT), a Russian professor predicts the United States
will fall apart in July 2010. MRT


"`Mr. Obama is similar to the last
Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. Gorbachev was also
making great promises for the Soviet Union, but the
situation was only getting worse,` he said. By next
summer, according to

Professor Panarin
the US will disintegrate into six blocs–and everyone
will get their piece. `The probability that the United
States of America fall apart in July 2010 is more than
50 percent,` said Igor Panarin, Professor at Moscow`s
Diplomatic Academy within the Russian Federation`s
Ministry of Foreign Affairs."

MRT went on to report:

"Panarin came up
with his grim forecast while analyzing the parallels
between the Soviet Union in its final days and the
current situation in the United States.`American dream
ballooned seven times in 11 years. During Gorbachev era,
the Soviet dream ballooned five times.` Americans hope
[President] Barack Obama `can work miracles,` he wrote.
`But when spring comes, it will be clear that there are
no miracles.`"

See the MRT report


Drudge Report confirmed the MRT report and added:

"Professor Igor
Panarin said in an interview with the respected daily
IZVESTIA . . . `The dollar is not secured by anything.
The country`s foreign debt has grown like an avalanche,
even though in the early 1980s there was no debt. By
1998, when I first made my prediction, it had exceeded
$2 trillion. Now it is more than 11 trillion. This is a
pyramid that can only collapse.`"

least some of what Panarin said back in the fall of 2008
either has taken place or is in the process of taking
place. Drudge reported:

"When asked when the
U.S. economy would collapse, Panarin said: `It is
already collapsing. Due to the financial crisis, three
of the largest and oldest five banks on Wall Street have
already ceased to exist, and two are barely surviving.
Their losses are the biggest in history. Now what we
will see is a change in the regulatory system on a
global financial scale: America will no longer be the
world`s financial regulator.`"

Drudge continued reporting Panarin as saying that

"the U.S. will break
up into six parts– the Pacific coast, with its growing
Chinese population; the South, with its Hispanics;
Texas, where independence movements are on the rise; the
Atlantic coast, with its distinct and separate
mentality; five of the poorer central states with their
large Native American populations; and the northern
states, where the influence from Canada is strong."

Panarin further suggested that Russia might even

"claim Alaska."

See an archived version of Drudge`s report


Reporting on the same story,
The Wall Street Journal said:

"Prof. Panarin, 50
years old, is not a fringe figure. A former KGB analyst,
he is dean of the Russian Foreign Ministry`s academy for
future diplomats. He is invited to Kremlin receptions,
lectures students, publishes books, and appears in the
media as an expert on U.S.-Russian relations."

The WSJ goes on to say that Panarin believes that
"mass immigration, economic decline, and moral
degradation will trigger a civil war next fall and the
collapse of the dollar."
if Things Weren`t Bad Enough, Russian Professor Predicts
End of U.S.
Andrew Osborn, December 29, 2008]

is not the first time that Comrade Panarin has made such
a prediction. Joseph Farah, editor of World Net Daily,
noted in December of 2008 that Panarin has been making
similar projections for the past ten years. In a column
regarding Panarin`s predictions, Farah wrote:

"Until recently, no one took him very
seriously. And then came the economic calamity that has
rocked Americans and the rest of the world, too. Now,
Panarin`s predictions of an end of the United States,
due to economic and moral collapse, is being taken
seriously by many."
[The breakup of the U.S.,
December 30, 2008]

will the United States break up in 2010? Or 2011? Or
2012? Or anytime in the near future, for that matter?

history is any teacher, the chances would seem good that
Panarin`s predictions may be closer to reality than
anyone would like to admit.

historian and linguist from

South Africa
recently wrote me a fascinating letter, in which he
chronicled the major world empires of history, dating
the time of their rise and fall. Here is what his
calculations look like:

  • Assyria (859-612 B.C.): a 247-year reign.

  • Persia (538-330 B.C.): a 208-year reign.

  • Greece (331-100 B.C.): a 231-year reign.

  • The
    Roman Republic (260-27 B.C.): a 233-year reign.

  • The

    Roman Empire

    (27 B.C.-180 A.D.): a 207-year reign.

  • The
    Arab Empire (634-880 A.D.): a 246-year reign.

  • The
    Mameluke Empire (1250-1517 A.D.): a 267-year reign.

  • The

    Ottoman Empire

    (1320-1570 A.D.): a 250-year reign.

  • Spain (1500-1750 A.D.): a 250-year reign.

  • Romanov Russia (1682-1916 A.D.): a 234-year reign.

  • Great Britain

    (1700-1950 A.D.): a 250-year reign.

  • The
    USA (1790-2009 A.D.): 219 years and counting.

honorable historian-friend calculates America`s reign
using its post-Revolutionary War years. He notes that
America`s reign is currently at 219 years. He further
notes that the average duration of every world
superpower listed above is a little over 238 years.

does not need to be a master mathematician or possess a
Ph.D. to realize that America is fast approaching the
mark in which every major world power in history has
either collapsed or, at a minimum, lost its world
leadership and power.

friend also reminded me of his homeland`s (South
Africa`s) demise. He told me that he noticed the
handwriting on the wall in time to

relocate his family
to a more
peaceful and stable European country. Many of his
friends and countrymen were not so fortunate, however,
and thousands

were killed and their properties confiscated.

He then warned me,
"The period of
Grace is closing, in what is your homeland."

In addition, serious students of Holy
Writ are also struck with the similarities between
societal conditions in America and those of Old
Testament Israel (as well as with Gentile nations) at
those times of divine judgment and retribution. As
someone trenchantly said,
"If God spares
the United States, He will have to apologize to Sodom
and Gomorrah."

the Russian analyst`s prophecies come true in 2010?
Probably not. Does that mean that America is impervious
to some sort of national demise? Not at all. Is America
already in serious trouble? You bet. Could there be some
sort of break-up within the United States in the near
future? In my opinion, that is a very realistic

this happens, will freedom suffer? Almost certainly.
Will those with tyrannical tendencies use the
opportunity of any national disaster to try and enslave

They already do. I personally do not
believe that there is any
"If" to the
question. The only questions are,
"When?" and
"To what degree?"

of course, there is another question:

"When the break-up comes, how many
Americans understand the principles of liberty enough,
and are personally prepared enough, and are willing
enough to resist whatever power it may be that seeks to
place us under the thumb of oppression and fight for the
same protections and vanguards of liberty that first
established this land?"

Obviously, the answer to that question is yet to be
determined, isn`t it?

Dr. Chuck Baldwin is the
pastor of Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola,
Florida. He hosts a

weekly radio show
. His
website is