An American Christmas present for African whites?

While Americans are worrying
about the cruel fate of women in Afghanistan, black

Robert Mugabe
is planning genocide in the country
that Americans some 20 years ago helped push into its
present crisis. Whatever President Bush does or
doesn`t do in the Middle East after the current war
ends, he needs to do something in Zimbabwe now.

Those who read the back pages of
the newspapers will know that for the last couple of
years, Mr. Mugabe has been encouraging the murder of
white farmers by roving gangs of black hooligans and the
seizure of white farm lands by "squatters"—landless
blacks who have decided they have a right to the land
that whites "stole" from them and who have no earthly
idea how to farm it or take care of it. The result has
been not only the outright terrorization of the

white minority in Zimbabwe but also the
near-collapse of its agriculture, with

looming in the near future.

Whites are not Mr. Mugabe`s only
target, however, even though he has muttered
non-too-veiled threats of outright genocide against
them. He also likes to terrorize black political
opponents, and recently he was pushing legislation
through parliament that effectively punished any
criticism of the government. Zimbabwe`s having an
election in March, you see, and the new bill is part of
the president`s preparation for it.

President Bush has sent an envoy to
warn the Zimbabwe government about the course it`s on,
and the House recently passed a bill that would offer
Zimbabwe "incentives" if it backs away from repression.
What exactly Mr. Bush`s diplomat "warned" Mr. Mugabe
with isn`t clear. Bombing raids? International sanctions
like those imposed by the United Nations and the United
States on the white-controlled government that preceded
Mr. Mugabe`s regime? If Mr. Mugabe is willing to court
famine and economic ruin to seize white lands, sanctions
probably won`t bother him much. What exactly is the
United States willing to do to resist terrorism and
genocide when the victims are whites?

A number of white farmers have
already been murdered by government-backed black mobs
when they resisted handing over their land; others have
been beaten and had their crops and buildings burned,
and some have simply fled—to neighboring Mozambique,
where so far the government welcomes them (and where the
Zimbabwe government is trying to stop them from going),
and anywhere else that will let them in. As for the land
they leave behind, the New York Times`
description explains why they`d leave even if they
weren`t threatened with being murdered.

"Inflation in Zimbabwe is soaring,
AIDS infection and unemployment are high and the
country, once one of Africa`s most self-sufficient, will
need food aid for hundreds of thousands of people in
coming months." [U.S.
Warns Zimbabwe That Next Year`s Election Must Be Fair

, Dec 12,
(pay archive)

The United States helped create the
looming genocide in Zimbabwe in the 1960s and `70s, when
presidents from Lyndon Johnson to Jimmy Carter enforced
sanctions on the white government that

declared its independence of Great Britain
in 1965.
In 1980, under President Carter, American diplomats
sponsored and helped design the

actual transition
to what was quaintly called "majority
in Zimbabwe. Mr. Mugabe, the toast of the
progressive set everywhere, has been president ever
since. The United States therefore bears no small
responsibility for what is happening in Zimbabwe and
ought to do something to fix it.

Military invasion is probably
neither possible nor desirable, but one measure we could
and should take is simply to invite the persecuted
whites of the country (and of South Africa) to

to the United States. Instead of jabbering
about amnesty for illegal Mexican aliens, instead of
dredging up new hordes of refugees from Afghanistan, why
not offer a homeland for people who really have
something in common with America and who face
destruction from a regime we helped create?

There are about 120,000 whites
remaining in Zimbabwe and probably less than 6 million
in South Africa, where similar problems of racial
repression and

  are appearing as the black-controlled
government botches up what was once the most
economically advanced country on the continent. Whites
clearly have no future in either country today, and it`s
not clear that the countries do either.

Since the United States loves to
boast of how it`s a "nation of immigrants" and lays out
the welcome mat for everybody, wouldn`t it make sense to
announce that whites who flee the repression we helped
create would be especially welcome here? Wouldn`t it
even make sense for the U.S. government to offer to
subsidize white emigration from Zimbabwe and South
Africa? And wouldn`t it be nice, for a change, to have
some immigrants who actually resemble—culturally and
linguistically as well as racially—the people whose
country they come to join?


December 26, 2001