Obama`s Suit Against Arizona An Act Of War

Among the limited duties of the US Government enumerated
in the federal Constitution is

Article. IV. Section. 4.

"The United States shall guarantee to every State in
this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall
protect each of them against Invasion."

However, for several decades now, the federal government
in Washington, D.C., has shown great ambition and
propensity to engage in activities to which it was never
authorized, and to

ignore those responsibilities

with which it is specifically charged. The
responsibility of the federal government to

protect each State against invasion

is a classic example of the latter.

Can anyone deny that the states on the US southern
border (California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas) are
being invaded by an ongoing onslaught of illegal aliens
(many of whom are

violent and dangerous criminals

Somewhere between 12 and 30 million illegals now reside
in the US. The entire country is feeling the effects of
this invasion, but the Border States are

literally under siege
And not only does the federal government do nothing to
protect the states against this invasion, it actively
wars against states such as Arizona when they attempt to
protect themselves.

Yes, I am saying it: the Washington, D.C.,

lawsuit against the State of Arizona`s immigration laws

should be regarded as
an act of war—against
the State of Arizona in particular, and against the
states general in principle.

Please consider what Arizona and the other Border States
are dealing with. According to published reports:

  • In Los Angeles, 95% of all outstanding warrants for
    homicide in the first half of 2004 (which totaled
    1,200 to 1,500) targeted illegal aliens. Up to
    two-thirds of all fugitive felony warrants (17,000)
    were for illegal aliens.

  • Some private reports state that 83% of warrants for
    murder in Phoenix and 86% of warrants for murder in
    Albuquerque, New Mexico, are for illegal aliens.
    These reports cannot be verified, of course, because
    the feds discourage law enforcement agencies from
    releasing such statistics.

  • At any given time, up to 75% of those on the most
    wanted list in Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Albuquerque
    are illegal aliens.

  • 23% of all inmates in LA County detention centers
    are "deportable."

  • LA police estimate that violent gangs, such as MS-13
    and 18th Street Gang, are

    composed of illegal aliens.

To read one very enlightening testimony given before
Congress by

an expert

on illegal immigration containing some of the above
information (and much more), go here:

Immigration and the Alien Gang Epidemic: Problems and
Testimony of Heather Mac Donald

In addition, the Pew Hispanic Center (an organization
friendly to all things Hispanic) reports that by 2007,
one-quarter (24%) of all federal convictions"

involve illegal aliens. And
"among those
sentenced for immigration offenses in 2007, 80% were
The PHC went on to report that illegal
"represented 29% of all federal offenders."

See the report


Remember, too, that illegal aliens murder (on average)
12 American citizens EVERY DAY in the United States.
That means illegals murder more Americans EVERY YEAR
than in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan COMBINED, TO

Plus, illegal aliens who drive drunk kill an additional
13 Americans EVERY DAY.

See the following report:

Illegal aliens murder 12 Americans daily 

[VDARE.COM note:
We think this
estimate is

too high

At this point, I will not again chronicle the financial
costs and job losses exacted upon the American taxpayers
by these invading illegals, but I encourage you to read
a previous column I wrote on this subject. See it


Plus, my web site contains an exhaustive page dealing
with the problems and costs of the ongoing invasion by
illegal aliens against this country. See it


Add to the above the blatant rhetoric and public
statements of activists within radical Hispanic
revolutionary groups such as La Raza that incessantly
call for the "
of the southwestern United States, and one can easily
discern that the invasion by (mostly) Mexicans in the US
is much more than
"poor people trying to find a better life."

There is some of that going on, of course, but the
invasion also includes violent criminal gang members,
drug dealers, human traffickers, rogue government
troops, and covert provocateurs who are attempting to
destabilize US cities and states, promote crime and
violence, disrupt honest elections, and even facilitate
revolution against the American citizenry.

And what does the Barack Obama administration do?
Instead of obeying the Constitution and helping to
protect the State of Arizona (and the other Border
States), it sues the State of Arizona for trying to
protect itself.

Again, by this action, has not Washington, D.C.,
declared war against the State of Arizona (and, by
implication, the other 49 independent, sovereign

Please understand: Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and her
allies in the Arizona legislature are not only defending
their State, they are working to protect every State in
the Union.

Very obviously, the line is being drawn in the sand
against a federal leviathan that increasingly shows
blatant disregard for not only its own responsibilities
and duties, but for the rights and freedoms of the
individual sovereign states, and for the American
citizenry as a whole.

And for those

misguided Christians and pastors

out there who are prone to defend and facilitate this
invasion of illegal aliens in the name of Christian
compassion, I would like to remind them of the words of
our Lord, who said,
"Verily, verily,
I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into
the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same
is a thief and a robber."
10:1 KJV

Thus, our Savior plainly categorizes illegal aliens (or
anyone who refuses to enter through a door–or

across a border
as thieves and robbers.

Unfortunately, many are also rapists, murderers, violent
drug dealers, and slave merchants.

If Barack Obama had even a smidgen of honesty and
integrity, instead of attacking the people of the State
of Arizona for simply trying to defend themselves
against a very real and dangerous foreign invasion, he
would take seriously his responsibility to help protect
them against this invasion, which Article IV. Section.
4. of the US Constitution clearly requires him to do.

Dr. Chuck Baldwin is the
pastor of Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola,
Florida. He hosts a

weekly radio show
. His
website is