Is San Francisco At The Tipping Point?

San Francisco
has recently gotten overdue censure
for being the

nation`s biggest psych ward
masquerading as a city,
showing what happens when left-wing border anarchists
are allowed to run a major metropolis.

The event which dismayed even the
mainstream media: an expensive city program that
protected illegal alien Honduran crack dealers claiming
to be juveniles from federal authorities. Around the
same time, a horrific triple murder caused a Supervisor
to assess the city`s

gang violence as
"out of control."
The common thread of such

wild lawlessness
is immigration permissiveness and
how San Francisco has taken it to new excess.

The news that the city had,
as a matter of policy,
hidden foreign drug-dealing
criminals away from deportation by federal immigration
authorities elicited

anger and outrage
locally and around the U.S. When
eight of the convicted Honduran "youth" were
ensconced at taxpayer expense in an open-door San
Bernardino County group home, they simply

walked out at will
. What a surprise. San Bernardino
County officials are furious that they were used without
notice as a dumping ground and have demanded San

turn over all records
surrounding the case.

Just a couple weeks earlier, San
Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom had been enjoying a wave of
local popularity as same-sex marriage

became legal
in the state following a court decision
on the issue that

Newsom championed
for years. He
became a gay hero in 2004
when he ordered the city
to begin

issuing marriage licenses
and opened City Hall for
gay weddings with loud local fanfare and in defiance of
California law of the time.

Then the wheels started coming off
the liberal limousine that Newsom imagined would
transport him to higher office. The crack dealer story
broke just as the greasy-haired mayor

his exploratory committee to run for
governor—and soon after the brutal triple murder had
shocked the city.

On June 22, a San Francisco father
and his two sons were shot down in cold blood over a
minor traffic altercation by a previously-arrested

Those murdered

Tony Bologna
, 49,

, 20, and

, 16.

Danielle Bologna, the grieving wife
and mother

pleaded for the death penalty
for the killer with

District Attorney Kamala Harris
, [Send
her mail
] who was

elected despite her pledge
never to seek the

death penalty
. The bad news for the Bologna family:
Harris did not pursue execution for a

cop killer in 2004
, so it`s unlikely she will change

An apprehension was made several
days later. The lawyer of the arrested shooter Edwin
Ramos spun the tale that the accused was a legal
immigrant. But authorities soon

that fiction. In fact, Ramos is an

illegal Salvadoran
, a known member of

Mara Salvatrucha
(AKA MS-13), who had been arrested
in March:

“Ramos was also booked on felony weapons charges and as
well as a separate count of being in a criminal street
gang. Police cited `numerous documented contacts` that
officers had with Ramos and Lopez, and said both were
`active members of the MS-13 street gang.`"

suspect escaped prior S.F. prosecution
, By Jaxon
Van Derbeken, San Francisco Chronicle, June 27,

And since San Francisco is a
sanctuary city,
Ramos had not been deported, but was
released to do more crime.

So when news came out a few days
later that the city was actually squandering serious
taxpayer funds (specifically

$2.3 million for housing illegal alien youth

since 2005) to shield unlawful foreign crack dealers
from the feds, public outrage was intense.

The audacity of spending the
people`s money to engage in illegal protection of
criminals went over the line for most in the city, and
particularly when an illegal alien had just committed a
terrible triple murder. (In addition, the mayor had
threatened in June to lay off hundreds of city workers
because of

hundreds of millions of dollars in red ink

Gavin Newsom apparently thought he
could slime through the latest scandal, as he had done
so often before (e.g. his

for drinking after

embarrassing episodes
of drunkenness and

bonking the wife
of his deputy chief of staff). Can
you say "Out of touch?"

At his weekly advisors meeting, some
wanted continued
for the long-suffering crack
dealers, but prudence prevailed, because of politics and
polling. As one meeting attendee observed, "Not only
for someone running for governor… even here in San
Francisco, it was a 80-20 loser."
& Ross column
, San Francisco Chronicle,
July 7, 2008


local CBS poll
released July 1 revealed 79 percent
of respondents agreed that San Francisco should "turn
over convicted illegal immigrants for deportation"

As a result of overwhelming public
opposition to Newsom`s extreme sanctuary policy, he
reversed his passionately held beliefs of conscience
from a day before:

On July 2, he blamed everyone but
himself for being in a hole and claimed to be powerless
in the situation:

Illegals Called Court`s Problem
[By Jaxon Van
Derbeken and Maria Lagos, San Francisco Chronicle]

"I don`t have the authority here," Newsom said at a City
Hall news conference as he stood beside his handpicked
juvenile probation director, William Siffermann. "I have
a bully pulpit. The courts have the authority here."

Interestingly, in 2007 he had used
that same bully pulpit to reinforce the sanctuary city
ordinance enacted in 1989:

Newsom pledges to make SF a sanctuary for illegal
[by Peter Fimrite, San Francisco
, June 22, 2007].

"I will not allow any of my department heads or anyone
associated with this city to cooperate in any way shape
or form with these raids," Newsom declared. "We are a
sanctuary city, make no mistake about it."

But when he saw the tough poll
numbers—and his plans for a brilliant political future
quickly turning into dust—he dropped his identity as
friend of foreign criminals like a

salmonella jalapeno
. Talk about a flip-flop! [S.F.
mayor shifts policy on illegal offenders
, By
Jaxon Van Derbeken, San Francisco Chronicle, July
3, 2008]

“San Francisco will shift course and start turning over
juvenile illegal immigrants convicted of felonies to
federal authorities for possible deportation, Mayor
Gavin Newsom said Wednesday as he took the blame for
what he conceded was a costly and misguided effort to
shield the youths…

"`All I can say is, I can`t explain away the past,`
Newsom said. `I take responsibility, I take it. We are
moving in a different direction.`"

The mishandling of dangerous
criminals follows a series of minor embarrassments and
policy gaffes that add to the picture of San Francisco
as a hopelessly loony sort of place, where there is too
much diversity ideology and not enough common sense:

  • In an indication of San
    Francisco`s hatred of all things even slightly
    military, the Board of Education

    in 2006 to

    the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC)
    from local schools, despite the program`s

    wide popularity
    with parents and students.

These aberrations are symptoms of a
bad case of multicultural psychosis taken root in a
once-great city.

Furthermore, there are many aspects
to the crack dealer case that can cause a normal brain
to throb in pain. One is how otherwise rational
characters claim to be amazed that sanctuary statutes
can be abused to such a degree. Former San Jose Police
Chief of Police Joe McNamara remarked, "It`s just
incredible to think they were spending all that money to
help criminals evade being deported."
sanctuary laws seen as practical
. By Tyche
Hendricks, San Francisco Chronicle, July 6, 2008]

What does McNamara think has been
going on in Los Angeles for these many years? LA does
not hand out

free airline tickets
home, but

Special Order 40
, its own version of sanctuary, has
been directly responsible for releasing dangerous
criminals onto the street who have then committed an
array of violent crimes, most recently the murder of

Jamiel Shaw.

Illegal alien gangsters are a

protected class
in the way that police are permitted
to deal with them. And Los Angeles has

wasted plenty of money
on useless social programs
meant to deter gang activity.

But Joseph Russoniello, United
States Attorney for California`s northern district,
didn`t accept Gavin Newsom`s press conference excuses
for a minute.

“Russoniello wasn`t buying it Tuesday, calling Newsom`s
explanation `all contrivance.`

"`They have said all along that it was the sanctuary
policy that mandated they shield these people from ICE,`
he said. `It`s only because it`s so preposterous that
the sanctuary law would shield drug dealers that they`ve
now come up with this alibi.`

illegal immigrants lose their San Francisco sanctuary
By Maria L. LaGanga, David Kelly and Anna Gorman, LA
July 2, 2008]

In addition, the

city by the

is shooting itself in the foot by its
self-destructive politics, which have made it a far more
dangerous place to live in or visit.

San Francisco depends on tourism
as its #1 industry:
it employs over 72,000 people and brought more than $8
billion last year.

Yet San Francisco politicians
routinely offend the traditional values of its American
visitors, for example when the Board of Supervisors
voted in 2005 against

berthing the WWII battleship Iowa
out of
anti-military venom. While discussing the issue on the
Hannity and Colmes show, Supervisor Geraldo Sandoval

"The United States should not have a military"
(Even liberal Alan Colmes was

stunned at that idea

The city`s

elite believe they can insult patriotic
Americans at will without affecting tourist dollars. And
so far, that supposition has been true. Tourist spending
in 2007 was an all-time high and an

increase of 6.2 percent
over the previous year.

But if potential tourists begin to
worry about safety issues, the number of visitors might
well fall precipitously.

A local news story reporting the Bologna triple murder

included an enlightening quote from Supervisor Geraldo

gang problem right now in

San Francisco in the Mission,
in the outer Mission,
is really out of control, they are shooting each other,
they are armed to the teeth, they are ready at a split
moment to start firing."

It`s a clip the Chamber of Commerce
would probably prefer the public not see—along with the
city`s dense

homicide map
and the FBI list of

San Francisco Featured Fugitives
, which was a
diverse assemblage at last viewing.

San Francisco is
holding a tiger by the tail. Its politics dictate
continued leftist adherence to permissiveness regarding
immigration enforcement, but

the increased violent crime

follows foreign gangsters dealing drugs
is getting
more difficult to overlook and could easily damage the
city`s vital tourist industry.

Is San Francisco approaching that
tipping point now?

Walker (email
her) lives in Northern California and publishes
two websites,
. She regrets the passing
of the old San Francisco as much as anyone, and thinks
it has gone from genuinely eccentric in an interesting
way to plain bad crazy.