Mugabe Or Harvard: Who Hates Whites More?

Dr. Noel Ignatiev, Harvard academic and founder of
the racist magazine, Race Traitor, wants

“to abolish the white race.”
Dr. Ignatiev
wants to abolish whites, because he believes whites are
loyal to their race and advance their interests at the
expense of black people.

Apparently, he sees no harm in other races being
loyal to their race and even having organized lobby
groups, such as the

, to advance their race interests. Dr. Ignatiev
is also at peace with non-white races using the

, the U.S.

Department of Justice
(sic) and U.S.

Department of Education
to advance their racial

In Dr. Ignatiev`s view, non-white races are entitled
to organize and to use government power to advance their
racial interests, but whites are a social problem.

key to solving the social problems of our age is to
abolish the white race,”
says Dr. Ignatiev.

It is not surprising that Dr. Ignatiev has been
influenced by education that demonizes

Western civilization and white people.
Neither is it
surprising that education led him to the conclusion that
the solution is to phase white people out of the human

Still, if whites are to be terminated because of race
loyalty shouldn`t there first be some evidence presented
that whites are
to one another?

Currently Mugabe is terminating whites in Zimbabwe.
He is illegally seizing their farms and encouraging his
thugs to use beatings,


to terrorize whites into acquiescence.

Mugabe`s land theft doesn`t even have the cover of
redistribution. All news reports say the farms are being
taken by Mugabe, his family
and top cronies. Annabel Hughes of the
Zimbabwe Democracy Trust

[pay archive]
that Simbi Mubako, Zimbabwean

to Washington, has been presented with
Adrian Wilkinson`s 2,964-acre farm.
[VDARE.COM note:
Dr. Mubako

“Zimbabwe defends its policy of might trumping white”
Washington Times,
August 31, 2002. You can send him mail at

If whites had race loyalty or even racial

, wouldn`t they do something about Mugabe`s
decimation of their brothers and sisters? One

British regiment
or one

U.S. Marine
division could

Mugabe in a few hours. However, instead of
displaying race loyalty, white governments are enabling
Mugabe by sending him food.

Mugabe`s land seizures have thrown Zimbabwean
agriculture into

. The country faces starvation. Mugabe controls
the food aid, and the food will go to his supporters.

There is widespread black opposition to Mugabe, who
had to steal the last election. Mugabe created a food
crisis not merely in order to

drive whites out of Zimbabwe,
but in order to

decimate the black opposition
led by

Morgan Tsvangirai

Mugabe`s policy is

“selective starvation, the use of food as a political
says John Prendergast of the
International Crisis Group.

Perhaps we begin to see a problem with Dr. Ignatiev`s
concept of race loyalty. Mugabe is no more loyal to
Zimbabwe`s blacks than Europeans and Americans are to
Zimbabwean and South African whites.

American “whites” are descendants of Anglo-Saxons,
French, Dutch, Italians and Germans who have lengthy
histories of warfare among one another. American
“blacks” are descendants of different warring tribes.
The slaves brought to America were captured in tribal
warfare. Black tribal chiefs sold their fellow blacks to
Arabs and Europeans.

The real question is: who hates the “white race”
most? The answer is: alienated white


The multicultural diversity-mongers in college and

are disproportionately white. They have
been trying for decades to make blacks hate whites

as much as they do

These intellectuals have had
some success.
They have cultivated black anger by
making accusations against whites, and they have planted

guilt and doubt
in many of the younger generation of
white Americans.


make-believe history
is slowly taking over the
American mind, just like Marx`s make-believe history
took over Russia and Hitler`s make-believe history took
over Germany.

The cultivation of race hatred in blacks and race
guilt in whites is an ongoing enterprise in American

Before it is over, there will be more Dr. Ignatievs.

Paul Craig Roberts is the
co-author with Lawrence M. Stratton of

The Tyranny of Good Intentions: How Prosecutors and
Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name
of Justice