Last Chance—For Life

Near the end of a town hall meeting
in Johnstown, Pa., a woman arose to offer a passionate
plea to Barack Obama to
"stop these abortions."

Obama`s response was
cool, direct, unequivocal.

"Look, I got two
daughters—9 years old and 6 years old. … I am going to
teach them first about values and morals, but if they
make a mistake, I don`t want them punished with a baby."

"Punished with a

Obama sees an unwanted pregnancy as
a cruel and punitive sanction for a teenager who has
made a mistake, and abortion as the way out, the road to
absolution and redemption.

The contrast with Sarah Palin could
not be more stark. At the

birth of her son Trig
, who has Down syndrome, Gov.
Palin said: "We
knew through early testing he would face special
challenges, and we feel privileged that God would
entrust us with this gift and allow us unspeakable joy
as he entered our lives.

"We have faith
that every baby is created for good purpose and has
potential to make this world a better place. We are
truly blessed."

Between the
convictions and values of Palin

those of Barack,
then, there is a world of
difference. In the culture war that is rooted in
religious faith, they are on opposite sides of the
dividing line.

But more crucial than their
conflicting beliefs is the political reality. This
election is America`s last hope to reverse
Roe v. Wade.
Upon its outcome will rest the
life, or death, of millions of unborn children. The
great social cause of the Catholic Church and the
Knights of Columbus, of the Evangelical and Pentecostal
churches, of the entire right-to-life movement, hangs
today in the balance.

Why? It is not just that Obama is a
pro-choice absolutist who defends the grisly procedure
known as partial-birth abortion, who backs a Freedom of
Choice Act to abolish every restriction in every state,
who even opposed a born-alive infant protection act.

Nor is it because Joe Biden is a
NARAL Catholic who has been admonished by bishops not to
take communion because he has, through his career,
supported a women`s
"right" to
abortion, the exercise of which right has ended the
lives of 45 million unborn.

Nor is it even because McCain
professes to be pro-life, or Gov. Palin is a woman who
not only talks the talk but walks the walk of life.

No. The reason this election is the
last chance for life is the Supreme Court. For it
alone—given the cowardice of a Congress that refuses to
restrict its authority—has the power to reverse Roe, and
because that court may be within a single vote of doing

Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence
Thomas, Sam Alito and Chief Justice John Roberts appear
steeled to overturn Roe and return this most divisive
issue since slavery to the states, where it resided
until January 1973.

And John Paul Stevens, the oldest
and perhaps most pro-choice justice at 88, is a likely
retiree in the next four years. And there is a
possibility Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, at 75, a
survivor of cancer, could depart as did Justice Sandra
Day O`Connor.

Thus, in the first term of the next
president, there is a strong probability that one or two
of the most pro-Roe justices will leave the bench.
Replacement of even one of these two liberal activists
with a jurist who has a Scalia-Roberts-Alito-Thomas
record on the U.S. appellate court could initiate a
challenge to Roe,
and its rapid reversal.

Not only would that decision be a
stunning perhaps irreversible victory for the pro-life
cause, it would return the issue of abortion to Congress
and the states, where numerous legislators are prepared
to curtail if not outlaw abortion on demand in America.

Roe would
re-energize the right-to-life movement in every state.
In some, like California and New York, where it could
not wholly prevail, some restrictions—i.e., no abortions
after viability—might be imposed. Requirements such as
for parental notification before a teenager has an
abortion and that pregnant women be informed of what the
procedure means and the trauma that often follows could
be written into law.

Roe goes, all
things are possible. If
Roe remains,
all is lost.

Is there any certainty that John
McCain, who set up the Gang of 14 to give Democrats veto

the most conservative of Bush judges
, would nominate
an Alito or a Roberts? No.

But there is a certainty that a
President Obama would move swiftly to replace a Stevens
or Ginsburg, or any other justice who steps downs or
dies, with a pro-choice jurist. For support for Roe v. Wade is a
litmus test
in today`s Democratic Party, where the
right to an abortion has been elevated to the highest
rank in the Constitution.

Bottom line. If Obama-Biden wins, Roe is forever. If McCain-Palin wins,
Roe could be gone by the decade`s end.

As Catholics are the swing voters
who likely will decide this election, one awaits the
moral counsel
of the Catholic hierarchy.



Patrick J. Buchanan


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