The World Still Blames America

Al-Qaida`s media relations
department must be seething. Or rather, they must be
seething beyond the usual Destroy America/Kill the
Jews/Behead the Infidels/Convert-or-Die seething that is
their second nature. After years of churning out
throat-slitting propaganda videos, investing in the
finest video editing software and studio sets, and
establishing cozy relations with sympathetic
international newspapers and global network news
channels, the jihadists still don`t get no respect from
world opinion.

They are the Rodney al-Dangerfields
of global mass murderers.

A poll released this week of more
than 16,000 people in 17 nations revealed that
"majorities in

only nine countries
believe al-Qaida was behind the
attacks on New York and Washington that killed about
3,000 people in 2001."
A mere 46 percent of
individuals overall said they believed al-Qaida executed
the attacks—despite all the back-patting, fist-pumping
video productions from AQ`s media arm, al-Sahab,
claiming credit.

In 2006, the AQ flacks released
tape of Osama bin Laden at an Afghan training camp with
several of the 9/11 hijackers.
"I ask you to
pray for them and to ask God to make them successful,
aim their shots well, set their feet strong and
strengthen their hearts,"

bin Laden urged in the sicko promo
. In April,
another clip showed irate and aggrieved jihadi leader
Ayman al-Zawahri
lambasting Hezbollah f
or crediting Israel for the
9/11 attacks.
"The purpose of this lie is clear—(to suggest) that
there are no heroes among the Sunnis who can hurt
America as no else did in history. Iranian media snapped
up this lie and repeated it,"
he griped.

But to no avail. Maybe this is why
FBI Most Wanted Terrorist Adam Yahiye Gadahn, the
American-born Muslim convert turned al-Qaida publicist,
has not been heard from in a while. He`s been falling
down on the job. Either that or those damned 9/11
Truther conspiracy nuts have surpassed the Islamic
jihadis` recruitment efforts on YouTube. Time to hire a
new viral violence marketing team.

So, who`s stealing the bin Laden
operation`s thunder around the globe and getting all the
blame (er, credit) for the September 11 terrorist
attacks? The citizens of the world have cast their vote.
Seven years after Mohamed Atta, Hani Hanjour and their
Allahu Akbar-screaming team succeeded in

slaughtering nearly 3,000 innocent men, women and
large numbers of our putative allies in
the civilized world still blame America and Israel.

"Israel was
behind the attacks, said 43 percent of people in Egypt,
31 percent in Jordan and 19 percent in the Palestinian
according to the survey.
"The U.S.
government was blamed by 36 percent of Turks and 27
percent of Palestinians."
The pollsters noted that
no prompting was necessary:
"These responses were given spontaneously to an open-ended question that
did not offer response options."

Among our great friends south of
the border, Mexico boasted
second-largest number citing the U.S. government as the
perpetrator of 9/11 (30 percent, after Turkey at 36
percent). Only 33 percent name al-Qaida."
Which, of
course, is no shock

to those who remember
when the U.S. soccer team was
taunted with chants of
"Osama! Osama!
after a match in Guadalajara four years ago;
or when

the team was booed again in 2005
and plastic bags
filled with urine were reportedly tossed on American

They hate us. They still really,
really hate us. And it is not all about Iraq. As a

Mexican soccer fan told the
Christian Science


schoolboy knows about 1848
. … When they robbed our
territory,` referring to when Texas, California and New
Mexico were annexed to the U.S. as part of a
ending the
between the two countries
, `that was the

Not coincidentally, another world
opinion poll was released this week that dovetails with
the 9/11 survey. While the global community refuses to
unite against al-Qaida as a common enemy to humanity, it
has decided on who should be America`s next president.
BBC-commissioned poll named Barack Obama
the world`s
favorite candidate by an overwhelming margin of four to
one. They see in their fellow

"citizen of the world"
a kindred spirit:

Someone whose
former spiritual mentor
shares the European elite`s
"chickens coming
home to roost"

. Someone who has promoted the need
for "empathy"
toward the head-chopping jihadists. Someone who shares
their fetishizing of terrorists as poor victims of
imperialism in need of more
"understanding" and
Someone who cynically hawks
"Buy American"
campaign stickers while courting the
"Blame America" Left at home and abroad.

Obama is their man. Never forget.



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