Holocaust Museum Hullaballoo Reveals “Hate Crimes” Hypocrisy

Immigration patriots had a number of reasons to be
distressed at the news that, at the remarkably advanced
age of 88 and armed with a curiously light .22-caliber
rifle, James von Brunn attacked the Washington D.C.
Holocaust Museum on June 10.

They knew that, as

Patrick Cleburne

has subsequently

the Mainstream Media would immediately try to use the
story to help ram through the federal

“Hate Crimes Prevention Bill”
This had run into so much opposition that its Democratic

apparently decided

it must be smuggled through as an undebateable,
unamendable rider to some unrelated “must pass”
budget bill—after which, of course, it will immediately


into a general attack on

free speech

about, among other things,


I did not feel like that. I knew, from long


of the leftist mindset, that in response to this
incident the Hate Bill`s advocates would be quite unable
to restrain themselves from revealing their true agenda:
the suppression of political dissent. And so it has

After all, shooting security guards (and for that matter

carrying a gun
is already a crime in the District of Columbia.
The law needs no enhancement—let alone federal

For example, here`s somebody called

Brian Levin

him) of something called the

Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism

at California State University, San Bernardino (your tax
dollars at work!)


to Newsweek`s credulous Eve Conant (June 10):

Was this an isolated incident?

“It`s isolated in the sense that this guy was a lone
wolf, certainly in that he acted alone, but he`s part of
a movement of anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers. He
lists major Holocaust-denier groups on his Web site and
how there is going to be a major Holocaust-denial
conference on July 25 in Orange County, Calif. He may
have acted like a lone wolf, but he is part of a

Why do you think Von Brunn chose to act now?

“There are several things to bear in mind about why this
happened now. You have this Holocaust-denial conference
coming up. You also had the big commemoration of D-Day
and Buchenwald this [past] weekend, in particular the
statements by

Elie Wiesel and Obama
This guy [Von Brunn] is a big Holocaust denier. He looks
for evidence of Jewish and Zionist control of
everything. He went to the Federal Reserve with a
shotgun [and was sentenced to four years in prison].

“This also comes at a time when the hate-crimes bill is
coming forward. And in the white-supremacist world, the
hate-crimes bill is viewed as an attempt by Jews to
muzzle criticism of Jews, Israel and discussion of the

In this Orwellian exercise of doublethink, Professor
Levin manages to evade the fact the von Brunn acted
alone and instead blame his favorite enemies,
specifically opponents of the Hate Crimes bill.

Clearly, they must be suppressed!

In case anyone missed the point, Newsweek
headlined the interview:
Really A Lone Wolf? James Von Brunn may have acted on
his own, but he`s hardly alone

Another example:

Homegrown hate groups increase in number: Watchdog group
blames recession, election of first black president

by Mara Schiavocampo (who doesn`t


very Italian), MSNBC, June 10, 2009.

The “watchdog group”, of course, is our old
friend the

Southern Poverty Law Center
as we more truthfully call it, the

Schiavocampo parrots the SPLC`s claim that “926 hate
groups are currently operating in the U.S., an all-time

I have personal experience of the mendacity of this
claim. Last year, I was contacted by Alexandra
Bogdanovic, a silly girl reporter from the Fauquier
Times Democrat
, who wanted to regurgitate in the
usual way the $PLC press release claim that three
“hate groups”
were operating in Virginia`s Fauquier County (eeek!).
One of them was the

VDARE Foundation


whether it`s a
“hate group”
or not
has never been based in Fauquier County. One of them was

Center For American Unity
whose hateful activities consist of filing erudite
amicus briefs in court cases. The third was a post
office box registered in the name of a Klan group, no
other evidence apparently available (or at least
discovered by Bogdanovic). Needless to say, Bogdanovic
her) went ahead and

wrote her shock-horror story anyway

MSNBC`s Schiavocampo began with a detailed description
(supplied by whom?) of what seems to have been a genuine
neo-Nazi rally attended by a whole 85 supporters in
Missouri. This of course contradicts the MSM meme that
“hate” has donned suits and gone respectable.

Then she went on: “As shocking as those views are,
groups like this are more popular than ever.”

And, guess what, “experts say it is the immigration
debate that is most significantly contributing to the
rise of hate groups, an issue that is exacerbated by the
shaky economy.”

It`s simple! Immigration debaters = neo-Nazis! What is
Congress waiting for?

Then there`s

Holocaust Museum shooting: A spike in domestic
By Patrik Jonsson, Christian Science Monitor,
June 10, 2009.

This masterpiece of agitprop actually argues it is
precisely the fact that von Brunn acted alone that
proves he had organized support

" `If you go back to the original leaderless-resistance
ideology … the idea is you have two separate worlds,
where above ground you have the organs of information
that provide motivation and radicalization, but it has
no direct contact at all with the guys doing illegal
activity,` says Scott Stewart, an analyst with

a global intelligence company in Austin, Texas.

“`The idea is to operate within the confines of the
First Amendment and use those freedoms to radicalize and
point the illegal actors in the second camp,` he adds.”

The CSM`s Jonsson concludes:

“….The problem is understanding the radicalization
process and at what point ideology clicks to spawn an
actual operation, counterterrorism experts say.
Isolating the `organs of information` that spark violent
behavior is a complex task that is extremely difficult
in a society governed by the

First Amendment

and civil liberty protections.”

It`s just too bad about that pesky First Amendment! And
those darn “civil liberty protections”

Of course, all this is utter hypocrisy. The flagrant
fact is that the Hate Crimes Horde doesn`t give a hoot
about “hate” or the lives of innocents. What it
wants is to do to proscribe its enemies—and those
enemies are defined by religion and race. 

The black guard who died at the Holocaust Museum,
Stephen Tyrone Johns, is being promoted as a

multicultural hero

I have sad news for his grieving family.


don`t care about you—any more than they cared

the victims of 9/11

They just want to promote their agenda.

The real question about the Holocaust Museum shootings:
what drove James von Brunn, by all accounts an
intelligent man who served his country honorably in
World War II, to this terrible end?

Don`t expect to read the answer—or even the question—in
the MSM any time soon.

Peter Brimelow
(email him) is editor of

and author of the much-denounced
 Alien Nation: Common Sense About America`s Immigration Disaster,

(Random House –
1995) and

The Worm in the Apple
(HarperCollins – 2003)