Hate-A-Rama: The Vulgar, Sexist, Racist, Homophobic Rage of the Left

Barack Obama`s

new era
of civility was over before it began. You
wouldn`t know it from reading
The New York Times,
watching Katie Couric or listening to the

Democratic manners police
. But America has been
overrun by foul-mouthed, fist-clenching wildebeests.

Yes, the tea party movement is
responsible –for sending these liberal goons into an
insane rage, that is. After enduring two years of false
smears as sexist, racist, homophobic barbarians, it is
grassroots conservatives and taxpayer advocates who have
been ceaselessly subjected to rhetorical projectile
vomit. It is Obama`s rank-and-file
on the streets

fomenting the hate
against their political enemies.
Not the other way around.

The trendy new epithet among Big
Labor organizers who`ve been

camping out at the Madison, Wis., Capitol building

for more than a week to block GOP Gov. Scott Walker`s
budget reform bill:

"Koch whore."
Classy, huh? It`s a reference to
the reviled Koch brothers, David and Charles, who have
used their energy-industry wealth to support
limited-government activism. A left-wing agitator based
in Buffalo who impersonated Koch in a prank phone call
this week used the slur to headline his

"gonzo journalism"
report. (If a right-leaning
activist had perpetrated such a stunt, he`d be

a radical, stalking fraudster. But that`s
par for the media`s double-standards course.)

The 20-minute phone call undermined
the grand Koch conspiracy by exposing that Walker didn`t
know Koch at all. No matter.
"Koch whore"
is the new
"Halliburton whore."
The Captains of Civility are
sticking to it. And the sanctimonious

"No Labels"
crowd is missing in action—just like

Fleebagger Democrats.

Sexual vulgarity is a common theme
in the left`s self-styled
movement. Among the Madison pro-union signs the national
media chose not to show you:
"Buttholes for
(complete with a photo of Walker`s
head placed in the middle of a graphic photo of
someone`s posterior) and

"If teabaggers are as hot as their Fox News anchors,
then I`m here for the gang bang!!!"

Last month, GOP Lieutenant Gov.
Rebecca Kleefisch was subjected to similar misogyny for
her outreach efforts to private businesses. Liberal WTDY
radio host John
Sylvester accused her of performing

"fellatio on all the talk-show hosts in Milwaukee"

and sneered that she had
"pulled a train"

crude phrase for group sex

At an AFSCME rally in Providence,
R.I., on Tuesday, an unhinged pro-union supporter picked
an unprovoked fight with a citizen journalist taping the
event for public access TV. His eyes bulging, the
brawler yelled:

"I`ll f**k you in the a**, you faggot!"
several unsuccessful minutes of trying to calm their
furious ally down, the solidarity mob finally started
chanting, "Hey,
hey, ho, ho, union-busting`s got to go"
to drown out
his intimidating vow to follow the cameraman outside the
building. Criminal charges are now pending against him.
None of the local media who covered the event thought to
mention the disruption in their coverage.

In Columbus, Ohio, supporters of
GOP Gov. John Kasich`s fiscal reforms were confronted
with a fulminating union demonstrator who

: "The
tea party is a bunch of d**k-sucking corporate
butt-lickers who want to crush the working people of
this country."

In Denver, Colo.,

Leland Robinson
, a gay black tea party activist and
entrepreneur who criticized teachers unions at a Capitol
rally, was told by

white labor supporters
"get behind that
fence where you belong."
They called the 52-year-old
limousine driver
and subjected him to this ugly, racially
charged taunt:
"Do you have any children? That you claim?"

Tea party favorite and former
Godfather`s Pizza President Herman Cain is another
outspoken black conservative businessman who has earned
the civility mob`s lash. Two weeks ago, a cowardly
liberal writer derided Cain as a

"monkey in the window,"
"garbage pail kid"
and a
who performs for his
Monkey. Parrot. Puppet.

Lawn jockey
. Uncle Tom. Aunt Thomasina. Oreo.
Coconut. Banana. We

minority conservatives

heard it all

In Washington, D.C., a multi-union
protest at the offices of conservative activist group
FreedomWorks resulted in one young female employee,
Tabitha Hale, getting

smacked with a sign
by a barbarian wearing a
Communications Workers of America T-shirt –and another
FreedomWorks employee getting yelled at as a

"bad Jew"

for opposing public union monopolies and reckless

In the wake of the Tucson massacre,
Obama urged the nation
"to do everything
we can to make sure this country lives up to our
children`s expectations."
He pushed for
"a more civil and
honest public discourse."

As Big Labor-backing MoveOn.org
(the same outfit that smeared Gen. David Petraeus as a
traitor) prepares to march on all 50 state Capitols this
weekend, where`s the Civility Chief now? AWOL.


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