Fleebaggers: The New Cut-and-Run Democrats

lady Michelle Obama said,

"Let`s Move!"
Who knew Democratic politicians in Wisconsin and
Indiana would take her literally?

Faced with stifling debt, bloated
pensions and intractable government unions, liberal
Midwestern legislators have fled those states—paralyzing
Republican fiscal reform efforts. Like
Monty Python`s Brave Sir Robin
and his band of

quivering knights,
these elected officials have only
one plan when confronted with political hardship or
economic peril: Run away, run away, run away.

Scores of Fleebagger Democrats are
now in hiding in neighboring Illinois, the nation`s
sanctuary for political crooks and corruptocrats. Soon,
area hotels will be announcing a special discount rate
for card-carrying FleePAC winter convention registrants.
Question: Will the

White House
count the economic stimulus from the
mass Democratic exodus to Illinois as jobs

"saved" or

More important question: How much are taxpayers
being charged for these obstructionist vacations?

Voters have spoken: In Wisconsin,
Indiana, Ohio and across the heartland, they put
Republican adults in charge of cleaning up profligate
Democrat-engineered messes. Instead of defending their
same old tax-hiking, union-protecting, spending-addicted
ways, Democrats are crossing their state borders into
big government sanctuary zones—screaming
"la, la, la, we can`t hear you" all the way.

Wisconsin Democrats warned that
their delinquent members—evading state troopers and
literally phoning it in—could be gone
"for weeks" to prevent a quorum on GOP Gov. Scott Walker`s modest
plan to increase public union workers` health insurance
and pension contributions, end the compulsory union dues
racket and rein in collective bargaining powers run

Big Labor insists its intransigence
isn`t about money, but about
"rights." But
the dispute is about nothing but money and power—the
union`s power to dictate and limit its members` health
insurance choices to a lucrative union-run plan, for
example, which adds nearly $70 million in unnecessary
taxpayer costs.

On Tuesday, only three of 40 House
Democrats in Indiana showed up for legislative debate on
a similar bill to end forced unionism and join 22 other
"right to work"
states. Hoosier media reported that some of the fugitive
pols may be headed to Kentucky in addition to President
Obama`s old political stomping grounds.

The White House and Beltway
Democrats have paved the way for

subverting deliberative democracy,
of course. If
only Republicans in Wisconsin and Indiana had followed
the Obama/Pelosi/Reid model and rammed their
behind-closed-doors-crafted legislative agenda through
in the middle of the night on a holiday weekend, the
Fleebaggers wouldn`t be on the lam today. But GOP
legislators just don`t roll that way. It`s Democrats who
cut and run—abroad in wartime and at home in crisis.

Almost eight years ago, more than
50 Texas Democratic state lawmakers holed up in Oklahoma
and New Mexico for weeks to stymie a vote on
Republican-sponsored redistricting plans they opposed.
Over the past week, it was thousands of public school
teachers in Wisconsin who faked illness and boycotted
their classrooms. And it`s union henchmen calling out
loud for statewide strikes to bring Republican reformers
to their knees.

The Party of Truancy has become a
laughingstock—and Americans aren`t waiting for left-wing
late-night comedians to bring down the hammer of
well-earned mockery. The Internet has lit up over the
past week with
posters and all-points-bulletin alerts for
missing Democrats.

Blogger John Hayward of the
conservative Human

"the next issue of National Geographic will track the
migratory patterns of fugitive Democrats across the
great plains."
Seton Motley of the Washington,
D.C.-based Media Research Center

weighed in:

"First, Wisconsin. Now, Indiana. When we said

`runaway government
,` it was a complaint—not a
Comedian Stephen Kruiser snickered that
OFA—the Democrats` political organizing arm, Organizing
for America—now stands for

"Organizing Fleeing Americans."

Note: Many of the loudest
Washington and Hollywood critics of former Alaska Gov.
Sarah Palin`s decision to resign from office in 2009 are
themselves now AWOL on the Wisconsin and Indiana AWOL-ians.
Who`s all for mocking
now? Anyone?

One mortified Wisconsin taxpayer
speaks for many.
"As the daughter of former Wisconsin Senate Minority
Floor Leader William R. Moser (D-Milwaukee, Dist. 6),"

Mary Magdalen Moser told me, she`s humiliated by the
"flee-bagging" politicians. "I am ashamed of the actions taken by the minority party to subvert our
system of government by boycotting its legitimate
processes. Anarchy is undemocratic, and I know that my
Dad is spinning in his grave right now. … I do not
support refusing to participate, because that will not
solve any of the issues facing our state."

Remember the

2008 Democratic Party chant:
"Fired up! Ready
to go!"
Well, there`s a new Democratic Party
motto in town:
"Ready to go? OK, then, let`s blow this pop stand!"

It`s difficult to see how Obama and his absconder allies
can "win the
when they`re stampeding over each other to
escape the present.


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