2006 Reporting Aliens Update

More ICE Princesses . . . But Citizens` Hands
Still Tied, For Now

Following in the footsteps of
former Immigration and Naturalization Service

Doris Meissner
, Julie L. Myers, the

Secretary of Homeland Security for the U.S.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) probably has

more women
in top management positions at her side
in the federal immigration bureaucracy than ever before.

But with all this highly-paid
female brainpower in the new ICE management team—like
Julie`s assistants Marcy (Investigations),
Traci (Professional
) and Cynthia (Intelligence)—maybe
someone would finally tell the public exactly how and
where to report illegal aliens and criminal alien

Still not one lousy press release
on the subject . . . ever!

In the continuing saga of

reporting aliens
, the

frequently-asked questions
link on VDARE.com is
still probably the best how-to source for filing your
own ICE report in a non-border area.

Please post this information on
your refrigerator for easy access:

    OR CRIMINAL ALIEN RESIDENT contact the Immigration
    and Customs Enforcement

    division of the

    Department of Homeland Security
    calling (866) DHS-2ICE to "report suspicious
    activity" (866) 347-2423.

  • You can also make a report
    with the DHS/ICE Investigations division in a city
    near you through the telephone numbers listed on the

    ICE web site


    — for Special Agent-in-Charge (SAC) Offices, and
    their subordinate field offices called Resident
    Agent-in-Charge (RAC) and Resident Agent Offices (RAOs).


We get these emails every day.  Americans are
desperate. But we have no special powers over these

Other than calling a nearby U.S.
Border Patrol station—if you`re so fortunate as to

have one
close by—ringing up the DHS/ICE is the only
other way, folks.

Needless to say, calling ICE to
"report suspicious activity"
at (866) 347-2423
provides no guarantee that anything is going to be
done with the information. Maybe ICE might sit up and
take notice if citizens started calling in with Most
Wanted [PDF]
criminal alien sightings instead?

Or maybe there`s some sort of ICE
policy that if the alien reported isn`t on the Most
Wanted list, it goes straight into the "circular
Who knows?

And who cares? Reporting aliens
means the bureaucrats have to start a file. Which means
a paper chain implicating them exists on the day that a
President is inaugurated who intends to uphold the law.
That will eventually make inaction less appealing.

Of course, the evidence of inaction
is outrageous.

Consider this recent e-mail from a
VDARE.com reader:

Date:  Feb. 17, 2006

Subject: reporting illegals

"Why is [it] that DHS/ICE agency does not do anything when
they receive a report from a concerned citizen like me?
I have made a report back in October 2005 and that
person [is] still around. Thanks for the information you
provided me in the past on how to report illegals. I got
it. Now that is my only question or concern…again,

So there you have it, folks.
Another bona-fide ICE report that went nowhere . . .
confirmed by a courageous VDARE.com reader.

And just as VDARE.com writer

D.A. King
found out for himself, writing personal
letters, arranging

, even sitting right in front of an ICE
Special Agent and

showing him where illegal aliens live
guarantee any federal government action either.

Is there any chance that the new
ICE Princesses
—Julie, Marcy, Cynthia and Traci—maybe
will change things? Or are these gals part of the

immigration non-enforcement
Master Plan, just like

Bush Administration
wants it?

If that`s the game, they just might
be the ideal candidates for the job after all!

But, for now, America`s law-abiding
citizens, immigrants and non-immigrants are still left
out in the cold when it comes to reporting

immigration scofflaws

. They`re also left in the dark about what
happens (if anything) as a result of their reports.

Still—take heart! This situation
can`t go on for much longer. Email to VDARE.COM is just
a harbinger of the coming upheaval.

and the

Bush Administration
can`t keep up their phony
immigration enforcement charade forever.

Juan Mann [email
him] is
an attorney and the proprietor of

He writes a weekly column for

contributes to Michelle Malkin`s

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