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ME Town Manager Fired (But Paid $30k Settlement) For Pro-White Speech On (We Link, It’s Hard To Google)

Another “White Guy Loses His Job” case: the white town [...]

Twitter On James Damore’s Class Action Lawsuit Against Google

A reader forwarded the following on fired Google employee James [...]

James Damore’s Lawsuit Against Google: Sounds Like A Hostile Work Environment!

From the class action lawsuit filed today by James Damore, [...]

John Derbyshire: Geezers Don’t Care! Marc Faber Defies AntiRacist Moral Panic

Adapted from the October 20 Radio Derb, available exclusively on See previous incidents under the tag "White Guy

White Guy Fired For Accidental Racist Headline Now In Seminary–WASHINGTON POST Still Calling Headline Racist

The Washington Post has a nice piece today about a [...]

“Why Are You Passionate About Working on Diversity and Inclusion?”

“The push for gender equality “created divides that I didn’t [...]

ESPN Is Not Firing Jemele Hill–Because They Only Fire White Guys

ESPN’s Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) engaged in a hate-filled Twitter rant [...]

John Derbyshire On The Two Minute Hate At Google, Stone Age Sex Equality, And What Happened To Female Coders

This week's big story on the CultMarx front was the firing of Google employee James Damore. The firing

Google’s Diversity Memo–Read It WITH The Links Gizmodo Omitted

The original #googlememo, including all its links to research, which [...]