Tag Archives: War On Thanksgiving Wishes Readers A Happy (And Based) Thanksgiving!

It seems that every year, we hear advice from various “woke” people around the internet about how to

The Cold Civil War On Thanksgiving–Thanksgiving Table Arguments About “Racism” Are Only Happening In White Families

Former conservative Bruce Bartlett was radicalized to a surprising degree by the Bush Administration, and now tweets from

A Chicago Reader Reports That The Thanksgiving Parade Was Multicultural Again—And May Someday Be Banned Altogether

Re: A Reader Reports Multiculturalism In Chicago`s Thanksgiving Day Parade [...]

War On Christmas Comes Early: “Have a joyful HOLIDAY Season” From The OREGONIAN

The War On Christmas begins with this early entry from [...]

Memo From Middle America | War On Christmas—War On American Food—War On America?

It’s not enough that Christmas is being replaced in the name of diversity–so is American food, at least

War On Thanksgiving Craziness: Abolishing Macaroni Indian Necklaces And Black Paper Pilgrim Hats.

The War On Christmas is already in progress, so I need to get this last War On Thanksgiving 

Ronan Farrow On Thanksgiving And Genocide

Ronan Farrow [Twitter], is the son of Mia Farrow, [

Thanksgiving Is Racist Because America Is Racist. But Says: Have A Happy Thanksgiving Anyway!

Thanksgiving is racist. How do I know this? Because America is.

A Reader Wonders If The Indian Wars Against The Pilgrims Count As Anti-Immigrant Violence

From: MrStentorianCommentator  [Email him]

Thanksgiving Is An American Holiday—It Is Not Immigration Day!

Thanksgiving is a purely American holiday, started in the year 1621 by the Pilgrims, a group of people