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Patrick J. Buchanan: The Peace Cross—Where Christophobia Meets Anti-Americanism In The Minds Of Judges

"Meet you at Peace Cross." In northwest D.C. in the 1950s, that was an often-heard comment among high schoolers

Michael Hart In AMERICAN RENAISSANCE: “What Can Be Done About Political Polarization?” (The Answer May Be Secession)

Dr. Michael Hart has a piece in American Renaissance, asking [...]

Secession–The NEW REPUBLIC’s “Kick Out The South” Plan Is Michael Hart’s in Reverse

Secession has apparently become respectable in the New Republic. You [...]

Nickola Bijeliti’s Debut Novel THE AMERICAN IDENTITY: Secession Considered In The Classical Style

Nikola Bijeliti’s debut novel, The American Identity, tells the story [...]

Pat Buchanan: Is Secession a Solution to Cultural War?

As the culture war is about irreconcilable beliefs about God and man, right and wrong, good and evil,

“It Will Come To Blood”…And Impeachment Of Judicial Saboteurs Like J. Robart

Twenty-two years ago, in my 1995 book Alien Nation: Common [...]

FEDERALE Has A Dream! Suppress Sedition—With The Aid Of Red State California!

The violent suppression of Milo Yiannopoulos' appearance at Berkeley with the obvious connivance of the university authorities (n.b.

Pat Buchanan: Trump’s Wall Says to the World “This Is OUR Country, WE Decide Who Comes Here”

"Something there is that doesn't love a wall," wrote poet Robert Frost in the opening line of "Mending

“It Will Only Take One Election”—The Trump Tsunami vs. Clinton’s Coming Merkel-Style Immigration Surge

See also: IMMIGRATION: IS THIS THE BREAKING POINT? [1] “It Would Only Take One Speech” [2] Plan B

Michael Hart’s RESTORING AMERICA—The Introduction

A recent poll found more than seventy percent believe America’s best days are behind her [Most Agree With