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Sailer In NEW YORK Magazine: Reporting, But No Links–Read Sailer’s Book For More

I’ve looked at this article in New York magazine, and [...]

Brimelow At NPI: Trump’s America—The Next Shoe Will Drop In 2020 Editor Peter Brimelow writes: Like other participants, I’m furious with National Policy Institute President Richard Spencer for

William Kristol: “Steve Sailer and Ann Coulter Were Wrong.” [2:47:30]

I’d point out that Trump did a mostly excellent job [...]

GOP Brain Trust Behind Jeb’s Strategy Complains: “GOP Learning Wrong Lessons from Trump Win”

From Politico: GOP learning wrong lessons from Trump win, Republicans [...]

SAID IN SPANISH: Mexican Government Accepts Trump Triumph But Says It Will Still Meddle; LA ESTRATEGIA SAILER; ETC.

Trump’s triumph was a huge shock to the Spanish-language media, with even some acknowledgement to the effectiveness of

WSJ: “How Donald Trump’s Winning Coalition Came Together”–The Sailer Strategy!

From the Wall Street Journal: He drew more white voters [...]

The “Sailer Strategy” from 2000

Here’s part of a VDARE column I wrote in November [...]

And Let Us Now Praise Famous Sailers (As Well As Trumps)

On Election Day, we carried my Let Us Now Praise Famous Trumps: Donald J. Trump is infinitely better than

Memo To GOP: Immigration, NOT Trump, Making Georgia A Democratic State

Georgia is the latest Red State which is turning purple [...]

The Sailer Gap in Action: NYT Says in 2016 What Sailer Said in 2001: “There Are More White Voters Than People Think”

With the New York Times running a giant analysis about [...]