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Ann Corcoran On This Year’s Refugee Quota Vs. Previous Years: “Transparency My A**!”

The chart above is from White House Weighs Lowering Refugee Quota To Below 50,000, By Julie Hirschfeld Davis

RRW’s Amazing Ann Corcoran: “Trump Must Suspend Refugee Program For FY18”

I’m reposting Refugee Resettlement Watch’s amazing Ann Corcoran’s  August 26 [...]

Ann Corcoran: “50,000 Refugee Cap Should Be Reached Today, Then What?” Then A Refugee Quota Of ZERO, That’s What!

Ann Corcoran at Refugee Resettlement Watch has the story on [...]

“Laid, Paid, And Applauded”–More Evidence Sex Predation IS A (Female) Refugee Worker Thing

Recently, in “Laid, Paid, And Applauded”–Sex IS Part Of Refugee [...]

Ann Corcoran On How The Deep State Captured Trump Refugee Policy–For Now

The Daily Beast editors want you to think Spencer Ackerman’s [...]

Refugee Resettlement Watch Terror Roundup

The Fox News video below says people are starting to [...]

Refugee Resettlement Roundup For September 9th: “Are You Ready For Rohingya Muslims And Their ‘cultural’ Differences?”

Ann Corcoran’s weekly Refugee Resettlement Roundup is here–Ann writes This [...]

Refugee Resettlement Watch Roundup For The “Last Week, Last Year And The Last NINE Years!”

Congratulations and Happy Blogiversary to Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement [...]

Refugee Resettlement Watch Weekly Roundup: Twin Falls Still Making The News

Ann Corcoran writes at Refugee Resettlement Watch: It should be [...]

NY DAILY NEWS Calls Refugee Resettlement Watch A “Conspiracy Site” For Telling The Truth

Ann Corcoran has been getting readers sent her way by [...]