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Israeli Rightist Pranksters Invite African “Illegal Infiltrators” to Move Into Tel Aviv Mansion of Sarah Silverman’s Pro-Immigration Sister

From Arutz Sheva: Right-wing activists invite infiltrators to leftists’ homes [...]

John Derbyshire: The Endless DACAthalon—And How Serious Countries Handle Immigration

Boy, they're dragging out this DACA thing, aren't they? Where are we up to this week? As I've been

Netanyahu: Deport Illegal Infiltrators

From the Prime Minister’s Office: PM Netanyahu’s Remarks at the [...]

Israeli Official: “Do You Want Half of Africa Coming Here?”

From Haaretz: ‘He’s a Goy From Kenya’: Israeli Officials Defend [...]

Sunday News: Administration To Deport Or Jail All Illegals Within 3 Months

H/T Pic Hamodia Unfortunately it is the Israeli Administration. H/T [...]

Israel’s Wall Against Economic Migrants “100% Effective”

From Israel Hayom: Southern barrier proves 100% effective in preventing [...]

Israel Leads (Again) On Immivader Extrusion. Why Can’t America Imitate?

H/T Pic H/T The New Observer for New Law [...]

JERUSALEM POST Exposes Soros’s Attacks On National Sovereignty Via Immigration–U.S MSM Clueless

A Jerusalem Post story shows that Israel is taking George [...]

California Gang Enforcement–“Round Up the Usual Suspects” Works as Long as You Keep the Suspects Rounded Up

A big change in crime-fighting tactics in California over the [...]

Israel Offers African “Refugees” a Deal to Leave

Being a successful modern society, Israel is a magnet for [...]