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ECONOMIST Watch: Reading The Mouthpiece Of Anti-Trump Globalism So You Don’t Have To

Given that The Economist is a major journalistic voice for [...]

ECONOMIST Watch: Economical About Artificial Intelligence

Speaking of The Economist: Before being felled by rhinoviruses I’d [...]

ECONOMIST Watch: Diversity Undermines Trust—And That’s Good!

Reading The Economist nowadays is a lot of fun.  They’re having [...]

ECONOMIST Watch: Spinning The Paris Attacks

Above is the editorial cartoon from the current (November 21st-27th) [...]

ECONOMIST WATCH: Le Pen’s Migrant “Phantom Menace” And The Problem With Print Deadlines

The problem with print deadlines is the time lag between [...]

Economist Watch: Mutti Merkel, Globalist Heroine

After you’re through watching that video With Open Gates that [...]

Economist Watch: A Sighting Of Magic Dirt Theory

I have had a few critical emails following my explication [...]

Why Puerto Rico Rules America Instead of Vice-versa

From The Economist: The Puerto Rico problem For many reasons, [...]

Economist Watch: Tunisian Massacre Reaction Shows Brit Politicians Worse Than Ours!

As timid and donor-whipped as our GOP politicians are, Britain’s [...]