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Statue Of The Virgin Mary Beheaded–Police Treating It As Christophobic Hate Crime

Police on Long Island report a statue of The Blessed [...]

Tom Piatak’s 2017 Report On The State Of The War On Christmas: Getting Nasty Editor Peter Brimelow writes: Tom Piatak, whom we first published on the War On Christmas in 2001,

Tidings of Comfort and Joy from the SPLC Hate Tracker: #jesus And #christmas Tracked As “Hate”

I’m not making these up … The SPLC Hate Tracker [...]

NEWSWEEK’s Christmas Eve Nazi Slur Against Christmas Defenders Ends Up Whitewashing Actual Historical Nazis

On Christmas Eve, as noted by Peter Brimelow, Newsweek has [...]

The Fulford File | The War On Christmas Gets Real—As When Muslim Immigrants Commit Murder

The War On Christmas that chronicles is mostly metaphorical, not real, and involves people being told “you

Defy The Foul Megaphone! Roy Moore REMINDS ME OF PIERRE TRUDEAU!

On December 7, in “Blessed Are Ye, When Men Shall [...]

Patrick J. Buchanan: The Peace Cross—Where Christophobia Meets Anti-Americanism In The Minds Of Judges

"Meet you at Peace Cross." In northwest D.C. in the 1950s, that was an often-heard comment among high schoolers

When Harvey Weinstein Wasn’t Harassing Women, He Was Bashing The Catholic Church

The National Catholic Register has posted an interesting little piece [...]

Happy St. Matthew’s Day! (Oh, And Rosh Hashana)

Tonight (September 20) is the Vigil of St. Matthew, preparatory [...]

Happy Easter From!

This is your annual reminder that there is a War On Easter, just as there is a War