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Memo From Middle America | Hispanic Campaign Consultants Says Trump Needs Hispanics (And Them). Wrong!

Well, here we go again. Univision’s English language outlet Fusion says Donald Trump will be crushed by the

Ann Coulter: GOP Voters Deliver Subtle Message—Die, Donor Scum!

To the extent it's still standing after yesterday, the Stop Trump movement is comforting itself with the world's

The Curse Of Consultants: Bush Adviser Made “$14 Million” But Can’t, Apparently, Afford a Haircut

From CNN: Jeb’s 2016 departure draws out Mike Murphy critics [...]

On Groundhog Day: Conservatism Inc. Thinks It Can Move On With Marco Rubio—But It Can’t

In the film Groundhog Day (which Charles Murray thinks will still be remembered centuries from now) a selfish

Trump: All Hat, No Campaign Consultants

From Politico: [Trump’s] spent only $12.4 million since then, with [...]

As Carson “Campaign” Scams Supporters, Trump Receives Unsolicited Donations

Whipped, cringing, and desperate not to be called mean names, [...]

The Ben Carson Money Machine: Making Millions From White Guilt

Peter Brimelow writes: The curse of campaign consultants has long been one of our interests at So,

NYT: Scott Walker Should Have Spent More Money on Campaign Consultants

With Wisconsin governor Scott Walker retiring from the Presidential race [...]

Complete Text! IMMIGRATION: IS THIS THE BREAKING POINT? [1] “It Would Only Take One Speech” [2] Plan B (Jared Taylor For Congress!)

Peter Brimelow writes: This continues the adaptation, and translation into American, of the talk ("Immigration: Is This The

Political Consultants As Marriage Prospects

In a recent post on Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s reporting on [...]