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Black Female SJW: Emotional Labor Is So Exhausting

From Vox on Chetty’s latest paper: The massive new study [...]

The GUARDIAN’s Angela Saini (Guess How She Got That Name!) vs. “Eugenics”…AKA Science

Earlier by James Fulford: “Eugenics” Is What Happens When Cousins Don`t Marry Indian science writer Angela Saini, writing in

Toby Young On IQ Conference: “It Was Like A Meeting Of Charter 77 In Václav Havel’s Flat In Prague In The 1970s”

Lance Welton wrote on the kerfuffle about a private conference [...]

Prosecutors Argue IQ Tests Must be Biased Against Blacks So It Would be Racist Not to Execute Black Killers with IQs <70


SEATTLE TIMES: Why Have Seven Decades of Gap-Closing Failed in Seattle Schools?

From the Seattle Times: Racial equity in Seattle schools has [...]

Power Posing Blonde Hacked Her Results to Empower Women & Minorities

More on the hurt feelings of the Power Posing blonde  at [...]

ACT Score Gaps: “We Didn’t Know It Was This Bad”

From the Washington Post: ‘We didn’t know it was this [...]

Derb At Amren: Does Race Denialism Have A Future?

John Derbyshire also spoke at  the American Renaissance Conference–here’s the [...]

Why are People “Racist?” Because “Non-Racists” Cannot Answer These Questions

Can you not understand why some folks think the races are different? Does it blow your mind how young

Why Race And IQ STILL Matters, Despite Loury And McWhorter’s Objections–Because Black Failure Is Always Blamed On Racism

Blogger Education Realist has a lengthy post on a discussion [...]