“Vigilantism” Update

I did a post last week on

Vigilantism—What It Is Not
 in which I said that
even if the President is unclear on the concept, the

New York Times
should know better.

Now Clayton Cramer has found a

law professor
(Stephen Bainbridge, "pro-immigration,
legal or otherwise.
") who

can`t tell the difference
between the passive

observation, no contact policy
of the Minutemen, and
the violence inherent in the

idea of vigilantism.

Thomas Sowell`s latest column is

`Vigilantes` on the border?

some Americans living near the border in Arizona
organized themselves to watch that border and report on
people crossing it illegally, the media immediately
demonized them as "vigilantes," even though these
observers used no violence and inflicted no punishment."

How strict was the no contact
policy of the Minutemen? Look at

this case,
where a man was asked to leave the
Minutemen for the following actions:

He approached a border
jumper, gave him, milk, cereal, $20.00 in cash, and a
t-shirt that said "—caught
me crossing the border and all I got was this lousy
This is vigilantism?