Mexican President Calderon Uses Aurora Shooting to Bash American Gun Legislation

It sure didn`t take long. The president of Mexico, on his twitter account, tweeted this today:

Por la tragedia de Aurora, Colorado, el Congreso Americano debe revisar su equivocada legislación en materia de armas. Nos daña a todos.

It translates to:

Because of the tragedy of Aurora, Colorado, the U.S. Congress should review its mistaken weapons legislation. It hurts all of us.

Twitter, Felipe Calderon

Mexican leaders don`t care much for our gun laws. See my previous article Mexican Government Vs. Those “Absurd” American Gun Rights. They`d like us to change our gun legislation, just as they`d like us to change our immigration law.

If our own leaders defended our sovereignty, it wouldn`t matter a hill of beans what Mexico`s leaders thought about our gun laws and immigration system. But they don`t defend our sovereignty now, do they?