Disney On Irish Immigration--YouTube For St. Patrick`s Day
March 16, 2011, 09:07 PM
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The Happiest Millionaire is about the union of two extremely old-stock American families, the Biddles and the Dukes, based on Cordelia Drexel Biddle `s memoir My Philadelphia Father..

I saw it in the theater when I was young, and later I was amazed to discover that the Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle played by Fred MacMurray was the real-life author of Do Or Die!, a Marine Corps manual of armed and unarmed combat. (The Jiu Jitsu and Boxing are on stage in The Happiest Millionaire --the knife fighting is left out. )The Irish character of John Lawless(played by Englishman Tommy Steele) was apparently added to give color.

Below, Steele goes from "immigrant to `fortuosity`", and declares that he`ll always be "Irish as Irish stew!" and then passes the sandwiches while two American matriarchs feud about the blueness of their respective families` blood.

This is the harmless, lovable version of Irish immigrant history, and there`s some truth to that, although anyone who thinks that Mexican immigrants are going to turn into Bing Crosby should give their head a shake, but there`s another side to the same history, in Scorsese`s Gangs of New York where the Irish-American Amsterdam Vallon (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) says

“Everyday there are more of us coming, streaming off the ships… I hear fifteen thousand Irish a week into New York alone, and we’re afraid of the Natives? Put all of us together, and we’re not a gang, we’re an army. All our people need is one spark to wake them up.”