A Reader Says Mexican Kidnapping Culture Has Come To Rural Alabama

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03/29/07 – A Reader Says
The Onion
Is Catching Up To Brenda Walker

From:  David Stern

The following link refers to an
incident in Alabama where a pretty young girl was
walking to school on 3/29/07 when she was accosted by a
carload of Mexicans in a small, black economy-sized car
who, while making

sexual comments
to her, grabbed her, tried to force
her in their car, then slashed her arm before she
struggled away. (The live 5:00 p.m. television report
contained all these details unlike the sparse account at
the link below.)

Bush should be impeached? Ah, no,
he should be HUNG for allowing Mexicans free rein to
assault our children.

escapes morning abduction attempt
, WAFF48 News,
March 29, 2007], see also

Russellville police search for attempted abduction
[Associated Press, Mar. 30, 2007]