A Reader says Boycott the Arizona 60!

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Re: Washington
Watcher`s article

Defeat of Arizona Patriotic
Immigration Reform Package Calls for Vigilance—Not

"Grey Stalwart"

Watcher wrote
“[T]he  CEOs
of 60  

Arizona businesses

sent an open
letter to State Senate President and SB 1070 sponsor
Russell Pearce stating `we strongly believe it is unwise
for the Legislature to pass any additional immigration
legislation, including any measures leaving the
determination of citizenship to the state.`” 

We have voting
power and economic power. The Open Borders advocates
have only the latter and threaten us with it in practice
and theory. The "60" have given us a rare, defined
target. Boycott the "60" and tell them why. Give

Raul Grijalva
the boycott he


The end of the
letter is disingenuous, saying that they would push for
federal restrictions that the Chamber of Commerce has
fought tooth and toenail to stop. Contact the "60" in a year and ask how their efforts have gone.

James Fulford


A boycott is probably a good
idea, and it`s already being tried by the pro-invasion
faction, who are boycotting the whole state.

Delgado, of the Hensley Beverage Company is one
of the signers, and as the 

 ColorLines blog
points out
of the targets


the boycott
that immigrant rights organizations called
for in the wake of SB 1070. An economic impact analysis
released by the liberal think tank Center for American
Progress last year found that boycotts cost the state

$140 million
in lost convention business alone.

Even if true, of
course, this is chickenfeed by comparison with the costs
of immigration—and it`s being borne by an industry that
relies heavily on illegal labor.

AZ State Senator Russell Pearce

to the open letter, said

“Much has
been made of an open letter that 60 chief executive
officers of Arizona businesses sent me, urging the
Legislature not to `pass any additional immigration
legislation.` They focused on the supposed negative
effects of a boycott of Arizona. But it is not
unreasonable to suspect that a desire for cheap labor
was also a factor.”

I haven`t
included all the email addresses findable, but

there are more

These are the
signers of the

CEOs on
Immigration Letter
Phoenix Chamber of Commerce (
the President
of the Phoenix Chamber,

Todd Sanders

  • Drew
    Brown, Managing Director,

    DMB Associates,

  • Philip
    Francis, Executive Chairman, PetSmart; Chairman, GPL

  • Ronald Butler,

    Arizona Managing Partner, Ernst & Young

  • W.
    Douglas Parker, Chairman, President/CEO, U.S.
    Airways Group

  • Ronald
    Brown, President, Atrium Holding Company

  • Richard Dozer
    , [Email
    GenSpring Family Offices

  • Stephen Rizley, Sr.

    Vice President/General Mgr.,

    Cox Communications, Inc.

  • Daniel
    Connor, President/CEO, Blood Systems

  • John Graham
    , [Email
    ]President, Sunbelt Holdings

  • Peter
    Fine, President/CEO, Banner Health

  • Craig
    ] Provost, A.T.
    Still University

  • Jeff
    Whiteman, President/CEO, Empire Southwest LLC

  • Thomas
    Sadvary, President/CEO, Scottsdale Healthcare

  • William
    Coats, Chief Executive Officer, The Leona Group

  • Herman
    Chanen, Chairman/CEO, The Chanen Corporation

  • Lee
    Hanley, Chairman/CEO, Vestar Development Company

  • William Schubert, Chairman, Kitchell Corporation

  • Jon
    Pettibone, Managing Partner, Quarles & Brady LLP

  • Paul

    Viad Corporation

  • David
    Bruno, Vice Chairman, Managing Director, DHR
    International, Inc.

  • Marty
    Laurel, Vice President, Blue Cross Blue Shield of AZ

  • James
    Gentile, President/CEO, Research Corp for Science

  • Roger
    Vogel, Chairman, President/CEO, Vante Medical

  • Michael Duran, Vice President, Chief Dev. Off., TMC
    Healthcare/TMC Found.

  • F.
    Michael Geddes, Chairman, President, Geddes and

  • Bruce
    Beach, CEO, BeachFleischman PC, Chairman, SALC

  • J.
    Doug Pruitt,
    ] Chairman/CEO,
    Sundt Construction, Inc.

  • Brian
    Johnson, Managing Director, Loews Ventana Canyon

  • Peter
    Likins, President Emeritus, University of Arizona

  • Robert
    Delgado, President/CEO, Hensley Beverage Company

  • Michael Kennedy, President, Gallagher & Kennedy P.A.

  • Bruce Dusenberry
    , [Email
    ] President,
    Horizon Moving Systems, Inc.

  • Robert
    Underwood, Chief Executive Officer, Underwood
    Brothers, Inc.

  • Shelly
    Esque, Vice President, Legal/Corp Affairs, Intel

  • Denise
    Resnik, President,

    Denise Resnik &

  • Vince
    Roig, Chairman/CEO, Helios Foundation

  • Constance Perez, Chief Executive Officer, Adreima

  • Susan
    Williams, President/Founder, HR Choice

  • Kevin
    Sandler, President/CEO, ExhibitOne Corporation

  • Debbie
    ] President/CEO,
    Arizona Hotel & Lodging Assoc

  • Jim
    Click, Jr., President, Jim Click Automotive

  • David
    Cohen, Executive Vice President, Team BeachFleishman

  • Donald
    Pitt, President, Campus Research Corporation

  • Alan
    Klein, Board Chair
    So. Arizona Lodging & Resort Ass.

  • Michael Kasser, President, Holualoa Companies

  • Linda
    Hunt, Area President, CHW Arizona, President/CEO,
    St. Joseph`s Hosp

  • John
    ] CEO/Publisher,
    Arizona Republic

  • Howard
    Fleischmann, Owner, Community Tire & Auto Repair

  • Nancy
    Stone, President, ILX Resorts, Inc.

  • Janice
    Cox, Retired CEO, Carondelet Foundation

  • Don
    Budinger, Chairman/Founding Director, The Rodel

  • David
    Anderson, President, Off Madison Avenue

  • Steven
    ] Chairman,
    Greater Phoenix Chamber

  • Bill
    Calloway, Plant Manager, Nestle-Purina, Flagstaff

  • J.R.
    Murray, Chairman, Flagstaff Forty

  • Kenneth Lamneck

  • Frances Merryman

Other names
authorized, but where signatures were not available at
the time of printing.

  • Reginald Ballantyne III, Senior Corporate Officer,
    Vanguard Health Systems, Inc.

  • Gerrit
    van Huisstede, Regional President, Wells Fargo Bank

  • Earl
    Petznick, Jr., President/CEO, Northside Hay Company