A Reader Berates Bryanna; Peter Brimelow Defends Her, Sort Of

August 05, 2005

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Oregon Reader Ponders Martha Stewart

From: [Name Withheld]

RE: Bryanna Beven`s blog item,

Kimberly-Clark Relocates to Mexico

I really like your web site. It is
clearly the best one out there on the immigration issue.

However, I was greatly disturbed by
Bryanna Beven`s blog post.

Firstly because it represents a
distraction from the immigration issue, it does not
belong there any more than posts about


gun control

monetary policy

VDARE.COM writers may have their
opinions on such issues. But as VDARE supporters likely
disagree, they should be expressed elsewhere.

Secondly and perhaps more
importantly, opposing a move of production to Mexico is
in effect opposing something that is likely to reduce
illegal immigration.

What does Bryanna Bevens really
think those Mexicans that Kimberly Clark plans to hire
would do if they were denied good jobs in Mexico because
of her protectionist attitudes? They will

go north
in many cases.

Opposition to the building of
plants in Mexico is in effect advocating increased
illegal immigration.

The most effective solution to the
problem of illegal immigration is of course

securing the borders

enforcing the laws

hiring illegal immigrants

But while we wait for that, we
should welcome Kimberly-Clark`s move, and similar
actions that reduce illegal immigration by hiring
Mexicans in Mexico instead of in the United States.

Peter Brimelow

VDARE.COM is indeed a
coalition of immigration reformers. We do struggle
constantly to keep the members from quarrelling about
their other views, although those views do creep in
occasionally, especially with the syndicated columnists.

Personally, I still regard myself as a free trader for
reasons outlined

. And from a theoretical standpoint, of course,
free trade is a substitute for immigration.

in practice this argument would be easier to make had
NAFTA not been accompanied by an

increase in immigration.
Clearly, something else was going on as well.

Moreover, it is undeniable that free trade, whatever its
overall advantages, has redistribution effects. Those
suffering the effects are free to protest them, and to
persuade sympathizers like

to join them.

is really happening here is the alienation of Americans
from their capitalist class—because of things like the
NAFTA fiasco.

none other than

David Frum

, in the end American capitalism will probably
have to choose between free trade and open immigration.
Otherwise, it will find itself politically lynched by
enraged American nationalists. Right now, it is

arrogantly unaware