A Peruvian Immigrant Supports Immigration Reform

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A Reader Reminds Us Of
Our Frist Duty

Haydee Pavia

I was born and raised in Lima, Peru. I am
third-generation born in the American continent from
Navarra, Spain. A paternal great-grandfather was
American of Irish descent. My father was a businessman
in Peru. He owned a chain of gas stations. I attended a
German Catholic private school for girls. I took English
and German as second languages. When I finished high
school, my father moved his family to the United States.
He felt the
danger of communism
was imminent.

We came here as LEGAL immigrants. My father had to
show the American consul that he had money, that he
didn`t have a police record, that we were all in

good health
and that we had all our shots. We also
took an oath that we would respect U.S. laws and that we
would not be on

. We were

and we were told we would be deported
if we were to be convicted of a crime.

We came to this country because we love it. These
immigrants these days come for the

. My dad went into the Venetian blind
business in NY and we bought a lovely home in a nice
Long Island neighborhood. I married and raised three
lovely daughters in an English-only home. All three hold
BS and BA degrees. One is a freelance writer, the other
works for NASA as a tech. and the third one is going for
her degree in Veterinary.

I arrived in the U.S. prior to 1965. I am horrified
what is happening to my beloved U.S.A. Even as a little
girl, I loved the United States and at age 10 I asked my
father for

lessons in English.
I continued learning English in
school and I attended an English academy after school
hours. By the time I came here I was fluent in English.
All my friends were American. I felt that I came here to
be an American, else I would have stayed in South

I became aware of media manipulation of the news and
that started me into activism against illegal
immigration and mass legal immigration. The more I
learned, the more shocked I became. I spend five to six
hours daily writing

to newspapers throughout the U.S. I have
friends who send me articles and I also find them in web
sites. I feel they need to know that we are not all
brain dead.

I have received hate letters from

. They think I am a "sellout." LOL!

January 16, 2003