A New Yorker Objects To Our Arizona School Nurse`s View Of Occupied America; Peter Brimelow Gallantly Defends Her.

October 13, 2003

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Very Disgusted Ex-Cop Confronts ICE

From: Mike Mantel [email
him], New York


A School Nurse Writes From Ground Zero In Occupied

Dear Nurse: I find your attitude
reprehensible. You RESENT that people have it better
than you. (Which may or may not be true). I thought that
was why our parents worked hard: To make this a better
country. I thought that`s why people died in wars: to
create a place where people can come searching to make
themselves better. Do you really think that the men and
women who died in WWII cared only about their families?
Those people of different colors and cultures, different
languages and literacy are no different than their
predecessors as immigrants.

  1. Arizona: Give me
    a break. I live in

    , a kaleidoscope of color and cultures.

  1. Because no one cared for your
    family, we should not mature as a society and care for
    the needy? Unless I am mistaken the
    Statue of Liberty
    has no codicil that says: only
    give me your legal.

  1. Moms in your office: and I
    thought the complaint was about the breakdown of the
    family. Doesn`t seem to be broken with these kids.

  1. Maybe the fact that they don`t
    make eye contact is a reflection of your hostility, not
    their attitude.

  1. Children running around:
    Great, I thought that is what children did.

  1. Just because they ask if you
    speak Spanish, does not make them less worthy of your
    time. Many of our Grandparents never left their ghettos
    to learn "American."

  1. Medicaid
    : No one did it for you. So just take the
    medicines that were invented before 1965, eliminate all
    advancements that occurred before 1965. That makes your
    life better. Oh yes, and take your parents off Medicare

  1. The system does fail some
    immigrant populations. Your perspective here is only
    your own, not that of someone who cares at all for
    anyone else who is in the least bit different.

  1. Go to Little Italy

    1915, The
    Bronx, 1930
    , all the
    (whose children now DOMINATE our
    educational system) America is made up of multicultural
    communities. WE ARE


  1. Car seats: Good let`s just let
    children, innocents, die. Good attitude.

One final point: don`t know what
books you read, but one I like is the Bible, and it
says: we are ALL created in Gods image. Not only those
that think and talk like us.

Brimelow writes:

Of course, “School Nurse” is spending her life providing
“care” for these immigrants. Her question is why
Americans should have to finance their own
dispossession. Mr. Mantel`s reaction shows one of my
main contentions in ALIEN NATION, that the really
hysterical emotion on this debate is on the immigration
enthusiast side. Note the malign influence of the
Statue of Liberty
myth, and the complete
incomprehension of the fact that

Ellis Island era
immigrants were legal, screened for
health and propensity to become a

public charge
in a way which today`s illegals, by
definition, are not.