A Los Angeles Unified School District Teacher Says The Scamming Never Ends

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teach at a year-round school and one of my classes is a
prep for the

California High School Exit Exam
for seniors who
failed the test. 

Last semester, two of my

Limited English Proficiency/English Language Learner
were brother and sister, ages 22 and 20

This is not adult school, which normally would be the
place for students older than 18, but is a regular high
school class.  

The fall 2006 semester started recently and again I have

LEP student
who is a 20-year-old woman.  

When she enrolled, she informed me that she was not
really a high school student because she had completed
all of her high school requirements.   

are you here then
?" I replied.  

She told me that she was

not a legal U.S. resident
and was attending an extra
high school semester to establish three years of
California residency so that she would not have to pay
out of state tuition for junior college classes in the

The blinding vulgarity of an illegal alien admitting to

playing the system
is matched only by the fact that
she`s been encouraged by her counselor to re-enroll in a
public high school after we`ve fulfilled our obligations
to her.   

don`t know how common this scamming is but it represents
still another cost associated with illegal aliens.

We`re now responsible for feeding and providing a free
high school education to illegal aliens well into their
early adulthood?

By the way this woman, who qualifies for Title One
funding and free school meals, was absent yesterday
because her little sister fell down the stairs and had
to be taken to the

emergency room
.  I suppose the taxpayers will foot
the hospital bill, too.

Just to give you an idea how far

California K-12 public education
has fallen, my
father was a coach and a physical education, health and
driver`s education teacher.  I remember zero population
growth posters in his classroom in the early 1970`s.  It
was part of the curriculum if you can believe it!  

Talking about controlling population is politically
incorrect today because we know that illegal immigration
is driving force behind

California`s population growth
as well as the

Read the LAUSD
teacher`s previous letter about the take-over of his
district by the alien lobby