08/27/14 VDARE.com 8/26/14 Bulletin (69 Items): Perry\’s Pretend Patriotism–OK, But Why Not Seal The TX Border

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Rick Perry’s Pretend Patriotism–OK but, why not seal TX border? Also: War on Whites–D’Souza; Wall Street; Ferguson. Etc! (69-plus items)


Featured Articles

  1. Dinesh D’Souza: Imagine America–And The Conservative Movement—Without Him by James Kirkpatrick

  2. To Defeat The Islamic State Make Peace With Muslim Countries by Patrick J. Buchanan

  3. Making Money On White Displacement, With The Help Of An Iranian Immigrant by Robert Bloch

  4. The Fulford File| NATIONAL REVIEW And Not Reporting Race: The Case Of The Anti-Poverty CEO by James Fulford

  5. Memo From Middle America |Texas’ Rick Perry Could Seal The Border Himself—If He Had The Will by Allan Wall

  6. Tide Running Strongly Against Amnesty/ Immigration Surge At Conservatism Inc. Showcase For Rick Perry. (But Not Against Middle East War) by Washington Watcher

  7. The Jihadi Serial Killer no One’s Talking About by Michelle Malkin

  8. Race-Based Justice In Ferguson Missouri: Will Eric Holder Recuse Himself? by Patrick J. Buchanan

  9. No Facts, No Peace In Ferguson: “You Don’t Want To End Up Looking Like Rich Lowry…” by Ann Coulter

  10. Ferguson: We Need To Stop Talking About “Media Bias”—And Start Talking About Media Evil. by Nicholas Stix

  11. The Ferguson Media Feeding Frenzy by Michelle Malkin

  12. The Ferguson Riots: Par For The Course In The “Black Community” by James Kirkpatrick

  13. Is Ferguson Our Future? by Patrick J. Buchanan


  1. Joyce Carol Oates On Michael Brown , The Threat Of Black Crime, And The Evil People Who Don’t Believe The Media Version by James Fulford

  2. Jerry Brown And Mexican President Pena Nieto Declare Solidarity Against Americans by James Kirkpatrick

  3. Miley Cyrus’s Homeless, Blond, Blue-Eyed Male Model, Not Representative–Or That Homeless by Anonymous Attorney

  4. Private School Stats: The Hispanic Factor by Steve Sailer

  5. Rappers And ISIS–It’s All About Hating On The West by James Kirkpatrick

  6. Dr. Norm Matloff’s New Blog “Upon Closer Inspection” by James Fulford

  7. Krugman Doesn’t Quite Grasp Blue State Strategy: Fewer But Better Americans by Steve Sailer

  8. Democrat Agrees With Sam Francis–Today’s Immigrant Is Tomorrow’s Insurgent by James Kirkpatrick

  9. The Apotheosis Of Rev. Bacon: “A Slimmed-Down Al Sharpton Savors an Expanded Profile” by Steve Sailer

  10. “The Growing Blue-State Diaspora” by Steve Sailer

  11. The Cultural Construction of the QuikTrip Pogrom by Steve Sailer

  12. Tulsa, Oklahoma: Nearly One-Third of Students Now Speak Spanish at Home by Allan Wall

  13. FACTORY MAN: Anti-Outsourcing Businessman Is Featured in New Book by Brenda Walker

  14. Robot Video: In Today’s Workplace, Humans Need Not Apply by Brenda Walker

  15. For At Least One Prominent Black Politician, “Race Pride” Is Almost Everything by Paul Nachman

  16. Donations To Darren Wilson Exceed Donations To Michael Brown’s Family by James Kirkpatrick

  17. Are Not Enough Blacks Politicians? Actually, Ferguson Is “a Serious Outlier” by Steve Sailer

  18. Vermont: Muslim War on the Word ‘Bacon’ by Brenda Walker

  19. Rasmussen Poll: Majority of Voters Object to Government Dumping Illegal Alien Kids in Schools by Brenda Walker

  20. To Bloomberg News, Enforcing The Law Is “Borderline Crazy” by James Fulford

  21. “Jihadi-Cool” In Once-Great Britain by James Kirkpatrick

  22. Senator Inhofe: ISIS Jihadists Plan to Blow Up an American City by Brenda Walker

  23. Rand Paul Fakes Left, Jukes Right in Guatemala by James Kirkpatrick

  24. AmRen’s Jared Taylor: “To Understand the Ferguson Riots, Look to Africa” by Peter Brimelow

  25. Eric Holder, Bajan Bourgeois by Steve Sailer

  26. NYT: “Where Are the National Democrats on Ferguson?” by Steve Sailer

  27. Restrictive Covenants To Maintain Property Values Were Banned In 1948–How’s That Working Out? by Paul Kersey

  28. Mexican Government Decries Perry’s National Guard Deployment While Mexican Side of the Border Already Militarized by Allan Wall

  29. Islam: Why the Crazy Headchop Fixation? by Brenda Walker

  30. Do Muslims Decapitaters Glory In The Name Of Briton? by James Fulford

  31. Hardball Questions On Immigration To Ask Your [Feckless] Rep Or Senator(s) At Townhalls by Paul Nachman

  32. Acemoglu, Piketty, and Comparing Apples to Apples–“South Africa and Sweden”??? by Steve Sailer

  33. Ferguson, Diversity And Black Flight by Steve Sailer

  34. Cheap Labor Lobby Pays $82.66 Per Vote For Alaska GOP Senate Slot by Patrick Cleburne

  35. Ferguson, Holder, The NYT: Nothing Ever Changes by Steve Sailer

  36. Thuggification of Country Music Redux: Taylor Swift Tries To “Shake It Off” by James Kirkpatrick

  37. Allan Wall and Silvio Canto, Jr. Discuss Mexican Petroleum Reform by Allan Wall

  38. Amnesty Huckster Paul Ryan Is Still Pushing Idea of Future Labor Shortages by Brenda Walker

  39. Officer Darren Wilson’s Struggle with “Gentle Giant” Michael Brown Caused Orbital Fracture–Wilson was Fighting for His Life! by Nicholas Stix

  40. Reporter for St. Louis Post-Dispatch Says Witnesses Back Cop in Ferguson by James Kirkpatrick

  41. California’s Out-Of-State Tuition Premium: NC Student Says It’s Reasonable, Iranian-American And Hindu Think It’s Discriminatory by Paul Nachman

  42. Cowardly Policing Triggers New Black Riot: In The Oval Office by Patrick Cleburne

  43. Record Number of Out-of-State Students Are a Jackpot for University of California by Brenda Walker

  44. Leftist Caricature Jordan Sargent At GAWKER Triggered By White Woman Stopping Black Crime by James Kirkpatrick

  45. “Militarization of Police” Not the Issue—Racial Difference Is by Anonymous Attorney

  46. Republicans Focus On Immigration’s Impact On Wages And Jobs by James Kirkpatrick

  47. Please Don’t Pogrom Us! Pleads Shop Ripped Off by Michael Brown by Steve Sailer

  48. Update On The Michael Brown Shooting: Shot In The Front, Not The Back by James Fulford

  49. Happy Birthday, Virginia Dare! The 427th Anniversary Of The Historical American Nation by James Fulford

  50. North Carolina Sheriff on Trial for Enforcing Immigration Law by Brenda Walker


  1. A Florida Reader Reminds Us About Black Journalist/Professor Nathan McCall And His Boasting About Anti-White Violence by VDARE.com Reader

  2. A Nebraska Reader Reports US Justice Department Sending A “Mediator” To Address An Outhouse In Norfolk, NE by VDARE.com Reader

  3. A Talk Radio Listener Reports Larry Kudlow Saying Republicans Should NOT Run On Immigration—No Matter How Much The Voters Want It by James Fulford

  4. A Reader Warns Of The $100 Million Dollar Lawsuit To Come In Ferguson—Backed Up By The Threat Of Riots by James Fulford

  5. A Reader Reports An Unarmed White Shot By A Black Salt Lake City Cop–But Mormons Aren’t Rioting by VDARE.com Reader

  6. As A Young Hit-And-Run Killer Is Released From Detention, A Reader Wonders If ANYTHING Will Cause ICE To Revoke DACA? by VDARE.com Reader

  7. A Reader Updates Us On The Cost Of Cheap Goods From China by VDARE.com Reader

  8. A California Reader Notes That An LA County Deputy Has Received “Life-Changing” Injuries From An Unarmed Man by VDARE.com Reader