05/15/12 Hispanic Hype–Is The Bubble Bursting?

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“Hispanic Hype”–Is the bubble bursting? Steve Sailer on Sean Trende, one MSM author who actually recognizes that there are still more whites than Hispanics. Plus: “Who Are We?“–John Derbyshire`s second VDARE.com column; what VDARE.com thinks about Obama`s Gay Marriage announcement; etc.

Featured Articles

  1. Kennewick`s Reputation “Progresses” from Home of Kennewick Man to Home of Hispanic Gangs; 259 Arrested in 7 Gang Sweeps Since July, 2009, Because of Authorities` Refusal to Enforce Immigration Law by Nicholas Stix
  2. John Derbyshire: Anyone Saying “That Such-And-Such A Notion Has Been `Discredited` Should Be Obliged To Tell Us By Whom The Discrediting Was Done” by James Fulford
  3. Left Behind in Detroit: Jewish Shopkeeper Nathan Feingold, 66, Beaten to Death in Antique Store He Owned for Over 30 Years by Nicholas Stix
  4. Brookings Pundit OKs Sailer Strategy For Democrats – Forbids It To Romney by Patrick Cleburne
  5. Senator Rubio Pitches DREAM Act Snake Oil by Brenda Walker
  6. Investor Program Just For Obtaining Escape Passports by Federale
  7. The Urge to Purge: IQ and the Wealth of Nations by Steve Sailer
  8. Attacking IQ in Foreign Policy Magazine by James Fulford
  9. Not About Jamie Moyer (Nepotism in Baseball) by Steve Sailer
  10. Census Bureau Reports 13% Of U.S. Residents Foreign-Born, Highest Percentage Since 1920 by Allan Wall
  11. Massachusetts: Secure Communities Is Implemented by Brenda Walker
  12. St. Louis: Racial Socialist Law Prof., Post-Dispatch, Seek to Eliminate Justice for the Murder Victims of Black Juvenile Psychopaths by Nicholas Stix
  13. “Obama campaign office staff lacks racial diversity, may violate civil rights law” by Steve Sailer
  14. ICE Ignoring Alien Voters by Federale
  15. “The Avengers” As 1970s NY Yankees Soap Opera by Steve Sailer
  16. Lugar Defeated by Tea Party Candidate by Allan Wall
  17. Chicago: Fake Academic Powerhouse, Jones College Prep, is a Leftwing/Black Supremacist Political Clubhouse by Nicholas Stix
  18. Illegal Alien Edwin Ramos Convicted of First Degree Murder in Triple Killings of Bologna Family by Brenda Walker
  19. White Men Do Run Everything! by Steve Sailer
  20. Romney`s Whiteness Crisis Re: Tito Puente by Steve Sailer
  21. Deportations Of Criminal Aliens Continue To Collapse by Federale
  22. Buzz Words-The New Border Patrol Strategy by Federale
  23. Quote Of The Day:”To Putnam`s Horror, Hundreds Of `Racists And Anti-Immigrant Activists` Sent Him” CONGRATULATORY E-Mails by James Fulford
  24. John Travolta on Nurture v. Nature: “Defendant Explained When He Started That He Wasn`t Even Gay” by Steve Sailer
  25. Localist (And Potentially Anti-Globalist) Sentiment Among Hipsters by Steve Sailer
  26. Brooklyn Hipster Demographics by Steve Sailer
  27. Ann Coulter On Elizabeth Warren: Dances WIth Lies by James Fulford
  28. DEA Doing The Job That ICE Is Supposed To Be Doing by Federale
  29. Knoxville Horror Re-Trials to Begin, as Scheduled, in Early June by Nicholas Stix
  30. Gay Marriage, Christophobia, And The Sailer Strategy by Peter Brimelow
  31. Disaster In NC 7th – Cheap Labor Lobby Servant Defeats Ilario Pantano by Patrick Cleburne
  32. Keith Judd And “Bigotry” At Politico by James Fulford
  33. White Inmate vs Obama In West VA Primary: The Media Still Can`t Mention Race by James Fulford
  34. France: Muslims Figure Largely in Socialist Electoral Victory by Brenda Walker
  35. “The Avengers” by Steve Sailer
  36. The 2012 Whiteness Crisis And The Race-Riot Card by Steve Sailer
  37. Christopher L. Foote: 12 Reasons Why The Mortgage Meltdown Wasn`t An Inside Job by Steve Sailer
  38. Kevin Drum: “Perils of Criticizing Black Studies” by Steve Sailer
  39. Quote Of The Day:The Sphere Of Deviance-“Chances Are You Will NEVER Find Your Views Reflected In The News” by James Fulford
  40. Cardinal Dolan Preaches Open Borders by Brenda Walker
  41. NYT: Castro`s homophobia saved Cuban homosexuals` lives by Steve Sailer
  42. More French Exit Poll Results by Steve Sailer
  43. Another Theory Of Corporate Lust For Immigration by Steve Sailer
  44. A French Reader Writes On French Election Demographics by Steve Sailer
  45. Hispandering All The Rage In Politico-But When Will We See Calls For “Ron Paul”-Pandering? by James Fulford
  46. Immigration and 1970s Inflation by Steve Sailer



  1. A Reader “Dares” Us To Check Out Virgil Goode-We Dare, But Don`t Believe In Miracles
  2. A Louisiana Reader Says That Immigrants Must Be Doing Better Than Americans In This Economy, Because They`re Still Sending Money Home
  3. A Reader Denounces Robert Putnam`s Intellectual Dishonesty
  4. A Reader (Who Donated!) Reminds Us That American Small Businessmen Are Being Displaced By Immigrants With The Aid Of Federal Funds
  5. A Louisiana Reader Reports Spillover White Collar Crime-Laundering Mexican Corruption Profits In Rio Grande Valley
  6. A Nebraska Reader Thinks The Club For Growth Is REALLY Dog-Whistling Jon Bruning 

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