04/08/12 A Happy Easter–especially to John Derbyshire

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 A Blessed Easter–especially to John Derbyshire, latest victim of what increasingly looks like a pre-Election Stalinist purge of the MSM

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Featured Articles


  1. The Fulford File | The War On Easter Is Just Like The War On Christmas, But Fewer People Have Noticed by James Fulford
  2. National Data | March Jobs: Natives Lose, Immigrants Gain in a Dismal Month by Edwin Rubenstein
  3. Hutaree Militiamen Cleared In Court by Chuck Baldwin
  4. Marion Barry and the Left`s Hatred of Asian Entrepreneurs by Michelle Malkin
  5. Memo From Middle America |Immigration Patriots Thwarted In Mississippi-For Now by Allan Wall
  6. John Harvey`s Race And Equality: The “Standard Social Science Model” is W-R-O-N-G by Richard Lynn
  7. The Democrats` Election Forgery Racket by Michelle Malkin
  8. A Nation Arms Itself-For What? by Patrick J. Buchanan
  9. Herbivore Concessions Enable Rubio`s New DREAM Act-Same Old Nightmare For America`s Unemployed by Washington Watcher
  10. Immigration Cartoon Of The Day by Baloo




  1. Press Frets over Kiddies of Deported Parents by Brenda Walker
  2. Talking About The Talk by Steve Sailer
  3. Rich Lowry fires John Derbyshire by Steve Sailer
  4. Mitt & Bibi: An Unpromising Accident of Biography by Steve Sailer
  5. Susan Sontag`s Fame: Why? by Steve Sailer
  6. “Take A Snapshot Of The Bleeding Mess”–Left MSM Flashmob Against John Derbyshire? by Peter Brimelow
  7. More Defenses Of John Derbyshire – But Not On Google News by Patrick Cleburne
  8. National Review`s Rich Lowry Fires John Derbyshire by Peter Brimelow
  9. John Derbyshire: An Immigrant Doing Work Americans Are AFRAID To Do by Patrick Cleburne
  10. The Tweets of Jonah Goldberg, Lapdog Conservative by James Fulford
  11. Gun Nuts Running Scared Of Race Angle In Trayvon Martin Case by Federale
  12. Time to Erect a Victims of Crime Memorial on the National Mall by Steve Sailer
  13. Josh Barro Points `n` Sputters at John Derbyshire by Steve Sailer
  14. NC 7th GOP Aspirant Outed As Cheap Labor Lobby Servant By Brilliant Opponent by Patrick Cleburne
  15. Diversity Is Strength, And Cannibalism Too by Matthew Richer
  16. No War on Easter? Tell It To The “Spring Bunny”! by James Fulford
  17. What Romney Said in Wisconsin-He Attacked Obama For FAILING To Pass Amnesty And The DREAM Act by Allan Wall
  18. State Immigration Laws No Problem For DHS by Federale
  19. More Shaima Non-Shockers by Steve Sailer
  20. Judicial Impeachment In The Air…Now That Obamacare Is In Peril by James Fulford
  21. Oops, Again: “Records Hint Iraqi Woman`s Death Not a Hate Crime” by Steve Sailer
  22. Diversocrats Rule in Today`s Politically Correct Universities by Brenda Walker
  23. Pew Surveys Hispanic Identity Issues by Brenda Walker
  24. Decline of the Black Caddie by Steve Sailer
  25. PISA Scores By Region In Russia And Italy by Steve Sailer
  26. “Vial Bodies” by Steve Sailer
  27. Onyango Obama NOT Arrested During Operation Cross Check by Federale
  28. Homeland Security Gives English The Boot by Federale
  29. Stix (and VDARE.com) DID scoop the world on Zimmerman`s “anti-racism”! by Peter Brimelow
  30. A New Angle On The Trayvon Story by Steve Sailer
  31. Korean Mass Murderer (Oakland): Failure to Assimilate by Brenda Walker
  32. Robert Spencer Interviews Nicolai Sennels about Hostile Islam by Brenda Walker
  33. Meddlesome Mexican Claims Mexicans Have Universal Healthcare by Federale
  34. Clintons` Chappaqua Segregating Minorities by Steve Sailer
  35. Obama`s Illegal Alien Uncle Onyango Gets a New “Hardship” License Instead of Deportation by Brenda Walker
  36. Metal Bands By Country by Steve Sailer
  37. Obamacrat Administrative Amnesty Surge Continues. Where is GOP? by Patrick Cleburne
  38. Russell Pearce On The Effectiveness Of SB 1070 by James Fulford
  39. Best. Season. Ever.by Steve Sailer
  40. Is the new Julia Roberts film a celebration of the assassination of Indira Gandhi? by Steve Sailer
  41. Astonishing! Real Clear Politics Features Race Realist American Thinker Essay by Patrick Cleburne
  42. Soak the Senile by Steve Sailer
  43. Creativity Conundrum by Steve Sailer
  44. Oakland Mass Murder Site Oikos University-Another Visa Mill? by Brenda Walker
  45. Stix Posts Apparent Letter From Zimmerman Relative Reporting He Was Leader In “Anti-Racist” Campaign by Peter Brimelow
  46. Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome At Korean University In California by James Fulford
  47. NCAA Final: The New Paul Mokeski by Steve Sailer
  48. Your Genes Didn`t Evolve To Kill You by Steve Sailer
  49. Check The Date: “N.Y. Preschool Starts DNA Testing For Admission” by Steve Sailer
  50. ICE Doing Everybody`s Job Except Its Own by Federale
  51. The FBI Still Doesn`t Get Hate Crimes, Especially Anti-White Ones by Washington Watcher
  52. In Defense of Heather Mac Donald by Washington Watcher
  53. UT Cartoonist Stephanie Eisner Gets Fired for Excessive Honesty in Racial Fairy Tale Pic Depicting Trayvon Martin Hoax by Nicholas Stix




  1. A Washington State Reader Says Obama Will Regret Any “Administrative” Moves Towards Gun Control
  2. A Pennsylvania Reader Warns Of Possible Executive Orders In An Obama Second Term
  3. A Reader Has Questions About Rubio
  4. A Reader In Texas Says George Zimmerman`s Only Hope Is A Reverse Tyler Clementi Defense
  5. A California Reader Writes On Multicultural Military Murderers; James Fulford Notes Another Cover-up



Syndicated Columns


  1. The Socialist and The Social Darwinist by Patrick J. Buchanan


Sailer on Sundays (sometimes)