VDARE.COM Readers Blow Whistle On 1986 Amnesty Fraud

The Internet is wonderful!
VDARE.COM readers who know the truth about the
disastrous 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act

illegal alien amnesty program
(IRCA) have been
responding to my three recent postings on new evidence
of massive fraud: 

And what is slowly coming into
focus—even from only two weeks of e-mails—is chilling. 

There is, needless to say, no
definitive survey of the amount of fraud committed the
last time Congress tried this foolishness. But even
former Immigration and Naturalization Service
Commissioner Doris Meissner acknowledged
commonly held view at the institution"
  that the
1986 illegal alien amnesty program was rife with fraud.

A VDARE.COM reader who used to work
in the belly of the INS beast helps set the record

has always been the name of the game.  As a Special
Agent, the aggravation was very real.  You mentioned

[on applicants` possible fraud, literally
hidden beneath red
covers in their official records] and
confidentiality.  As a federal law enforcement agent, it
was difficult for me to obtain those files.  I wanted to
prosecute, yank legal status and deport criminal
aliens.  IRCA people protected the files like they were

two sides of the Immigration Service were never in
accord.  Admissions, adjudications

Eduardo Aguirre`s
division called

] is far removed from law enforcement.  Most
of those idiots wouldn`t know a criminal if they were
`mugged.` Their approval ratings from supervisors are
how fast they can stamp and certify new applicants. 
You`re probably looking at about 75 per cent possibility
[IRCA 1986 amnesty] fraud if not more.”

Another VDARE.COM reader personally
witnessed rampant fraud in the

program for “Special”—make that
“Supposed”—”Agricultural Workers.” Amnesty applicants
were supposed to have
performed “seasonal agricultural services in the
United States for at least 90 man-days, during the
12-month period ending on May 1, 1986.” 
correspondent reports:

I was a clerk, holding my nose, helping out on the

Citizenship USA program,
I remember reviewing

[Special Agricultural Worker (SAW) amnesty] files and
seeing cases like an African


worked as same
for years—then suddenly, for exactly
90 days, as a fruit picker—then back as a
dermatologist.  He was granted, despite a 5 fraud

was also the same deal for an

Indian motel owner
who suddenly took time out to be
a field hand; or a

Mexican mechanic
who suddenly changed careers—for
exactly 90 days—to be a

berry picker. 

“I saw
lots more files where the fraud suspicion was a 5, and
then with no explanation—granted!”

On-the-spot VDARE.COM readers also
say they could see at the time that the amnesty had
other flaws.  Thus the Seasonal Agricultural Worker
amnesty was designed for farm workers. But, a reader
remembers, the illegal aliens working in the fields
apparently had other plans once they became legal:

“1986 IRCA laws made farm and ranch checks

off limits
to the U.S. Border Patrol without a
warrant. Mexican agricultural workers were now given new
worker permits under amnesty.  Suddenly, the millions
given permits who no longer wanted to work farms and
agriculture could work anywhere.  For example, in
Arizona, 1987, thousands upon thousands of illegal
Guatemalans were being smuggled into the country.”

In other words,
amnesty boosted illegal immigration. The

Wall Street Journal
will no doubt tell us that
these new illegals were doing the jobs that SAW amnesty
grantees won`t do. 

Another VDARE.COM reader pointed
out on the crime brought by the

2.7 million
illegal aliens who won

“green cards”
under the 1986 amnesty:

is literally an army of thousands and thousands of
Mexican nationals smuggling marijuana, cocaine and
aliens into the United States.  They do it day and
night.  Around the clock. Most of the ones caught at the
POE [port of entry]
have green cards.  Most of them got their cards through

And the stories go on and on. 

The only way to find out if these
reports are representative is for Congress to conduct
an investigation

I believe there are still many
patriotic government employees, current and retired, who
would gladly tell the truth about immigration benefit
fraud if given the chance. 

It is imperative that Congress hear their
testimony—before it even thinks about another illegal
alien amnesty.

Juan Mann [send him
] is a lawyer and the proprietor of