The Struggle To Report Illegal Aliens: A Status Report


How To Report Illegal Aliens—Updated DHS Version!

The battle continues—namely, the
battle to get the federal government to do its job
and actually

take reports
of illegal aliens from the American


As is painfully evident from its

web site
, getting and acting upon illegal
immigration tips from the millions of patriotic citizens
and law-abiding foreign nationals remains a non-existent
priority for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Secretario Ridge

In desperation, many patriots write
in desperation to VDARE.COM and myself. Alas, we have no
special power over DHS! (Yet). But read on—

Despite the odds, there are many
ways for you to get the message across.

* A VDARE.COM reader from the

Farmingville, New York
, area recently reported a
small but significant victory using the national hotline
number from the DHS` Immigration and Customs Enforcement
division—“report suspicious activity” (866)
DHS-2ICE or (866) 347-2423. The reader wrote:

“We believe EVERYONE should inundate this national
hotline number with calls if there is illegal alien
activity in your community!
We reported
suspicious illegal alien activity in Farmingville, NY to
Operator 102 at that number. We told Operator 102 that
it is a well known fact that over 3,000

illegal aliens

have been suspected of residing in Farmingville alone
living in over 75 harborages, and that the problem of
illegal aliens exists in many

Long Island, NY
working class communities in the New York City
metropolitan area.
Operator 102 said
that a report will be made and that the local ICE will
be contacting us. Perhaps you all should do the same for
your community. Then let`s compare notes as to the
response we got for our efforts.”

* Another VDARE.COM reports a less
helpful response after using the FBI`s online

form for criminal activity. This reader
received the following cordial e-mail (not an automated
response) from a Supervisory Special Agent at FBI

you for your submission to the FBI Internet Tip Line.
After evaluating your information, it is our
determination that your complaint should be reported to
the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (BICE).

is responsible for investigating violations of the
criminal and administrative provisions of the
Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) and other related
provisions of the United States Code. In addition, BICE
is responsible for promoting the public safety and
national security by ensuring the departure from the
United States of all removable aliens through the fair
enforcement of the nation`s immigration laws.

can visit the BICE website at
to determine the
steps you need to take to report the individuals you
mention in your tip. Thank you very much for your
diligence in this matter.”



on February 26, 2003 that the FBI has been delegated the

enforce immigration laws by the Attorney General as of
December 18, 2002 . . . proving that the FBI could have
acted on this particular tip if they wanted to. But at
least we know they`re reading the mail!)

Unfortunately, the web site for
BICE (now changed to ICE, for marketing purposes) still
doesn`t spell out how to report illegal aliens.

But that`s where VDARE comes
in—doing the job that government web site designers
refuse to do.

We now offer a new handy reference
guide to reporting illegal aliens and criminal alien
residents. You know what to do now.

And remember—the federal
bureaucrats are legally required to record every illegal
alien report received from the public. The paper trail
is in their files, and it will worry them.

Report by telephone:

  • (866) DHS-2ICE to “report
    suspicious activity”
    —(866) 347-2423

Report online:

  • DHS

    contact form
    for “immigration” or “security

Report by telephone or in

  • List
    of phone numbers for former INS district
    offices that now have ICE investigations divisions,
    provided by

    American Patrol

Most Wanted Aliens:

  • CBP
    listing for most wanted fugitives

Report other violations of law:

Federal immigration law

  • (Bureau of Customs and Border

    U.S. Border Patrol
    and inspections at all ports of

  • (Bureau of Citizenship and
    Immigration Services—CIS)
    provides “customer service” to all foreign nationals
    seeking benefits such as employment authorization,
    permanent residence and U.S. citizenship.

Immigration law reference:

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How To Report Illegal Aliens—Updated DHS Version!

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