That Amnesty Proposal – Ruling Class Returns To Its Vomit (Again)

Lest we forget: Amnesty
stalled when first proposed last year and Steve Sailer

predicted it


With the unemployment rate

pushing 6 percent
and Ford

it will close four plants in the United
States and lay off more than 21,000 workers, a light
bulb flashed on somewhere in the nether depths of the
Bush administration:

Wouldn`t this be a swell time to revive the idea of
amnesty for illegal aliens?

And the idea is indeed revived. Last week Mexican
Foreign Minister Jorge Castañeda

popped up
in Washington and

that for the first time since Sept. 11
talks with the administration on immigration are
advancing "little by little." He predicted a "good
outcome" later in the year—which in Mr. Castañeda`s
means turning most of the Louisiana Purchase over to

Amnesty—no one wants to call it that but that`s what
it is—was a major morsel on the Bush administration`s

19 perfectly legal immigrants carried out the
biggest act of mass murder in human history. After that,
amnesty went on the backburner, while various
politicians scurried about pretending to do something
about the mass immigration that made the Sept. 11
massacre possible.

Now, four months later, with the Justice Department
still unable to locate or deport aliens suspected of
involvement in Sept. 11, the public attention span has
proved short enough for the administration to get back
to real business. As the Los Angeles Times
reported last week,

"the most significant development in the national
immigration debate is what hasn`t happened: No lawmaker
of influence has moved to reverse the country`s generous
immigration policy, which for more than three decades
has facilitated the largest sustained wave of
immigration in U.S. history. Proposals to restrict a
system that welcomed more than 9 million legal
immigrants during the 1990s were not even accorded a
formal hearing on Capitol Hill."

[Los Angeles Times, "Wave of U.S. Immigration Likely to Survive Sept. 11," January
10, 2002]

But if no lawmakers are moving to cut immigration,
the administration, in addition to resurrecting amnesty
from its political grave, is moving to provide more
welfare to legal immigrants. As the Washington Post

last week

"The Bush administration proposed yesterday that poor
immigrants who have lived legally in the United States
for at least five years be allowed to collect food
stamps, restoring part of the safety net that was
removed in a 1996 overhaul of the welfare system."

Not only is the Stupid Party reversing its own
achievement in welfare reform but also it`s encouraging
even more illegal immigration by aliens who will now
have an incentive to gain amnesty, live here for the
requisite length of time and get food stamps.

By now it ought to be clear that the Republicans have
entirely abandoned even the pretense of representing the
American working and middle class voters who gave their
party landslide victories in the 1970s and `80s. In
their place, the Republicans plan to capture the

elusive butterfly
of the

Hispanic vote

But of course it`s not just Republicans. Democrats
too are licking their whiskers in anticipation of the
Hispanic votes they can gobble far more easily than the
GOP. And now both Big Business and Big Labor are on
board with Republicrats to promote even more
immigration. When Mexican President Vicente Fox

a joint session of Congress just before
Sept. 11 to

push for amnesty
, he had the happy support of both

U.S. Chamber of Commerce
and the


Amnesty makes no sense even in the best of times, but
in the wake of recession and massive lay-offs, it`s
insane. Amnesty not only will bring more and

cheaper labor
into the

labor market
and thereby drive down wages but will
encourage more illegals to cross the border—at a time
when many are starting to go home because even they
can`t find jobs here. More food stamps will help entice
them to stay. (VDARE.COM
comment: If Congress really agrees… See “Food stamps
for immigrants `troubling`
Washington Times
January 17, 2001)

But if amnesty in a recession is insane, amnesty
after Sept. 11 is criminal to the point of treason. We
already know that terrorists can enter the country
legally, and only this week the Post

federal authorities express worry that "as
many as half" of some 5,000 Al Qaeda "loyalists" trained
in its camps "may be living in Middle Eastern, European,
Asian and North American cities as sleeper agents,
awaiting an opportunity to wage jihad, or holy war." It
is simply unbelievable that four months after Sept. 11
we still permit any immigration. The truth is our ruling
class is demanding even more of it.

The refusal of any part of the ruling class—Republican
or Democrat
, business or labor, liberal or
conservative—to reduce or halt immigration ought to tell
the American people that the elite cares nothing for
either their wishes or their interests and has learned
absolutely nothing from Sept. 11.

If Americans want to protect either their jobs or
their sheer physical safety from the dangers immigration
threatens, they need to find new leaders in both parties

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January 17, 2002