Sodom & Gomorrah University

Thank goodness for conservative college student journalists.
They bravely blow the whistle on the cultural rot
plaguing the nation`s institutions of higher learning.
And they alert the public to the ugly truth about campus
hedonism, which is downplayed by clueless
administrators, admissions flacks, and faculty enablers.

Just how dangerously out of control has the campus social
environment become? A recent report by student
journalists Seth R. Norman and Ashley Rudmann of the
California Patriot
(, the
conservative journal at the University of
California-Berkeley, provides some hair-raising answers.
[Students seek
sex in campus bathrooms: Anonymous sex seekers utilize
university sponsored Web site; drill holes in bathroom
by Seth
R. Norman and Ashley Rudman,

Feb 4,2003

According to Norman and Rudmann, anonymous gay sex seekers are
using a university-sponsored Web site to locate partners
for high-risk trysts in Berkeley campus bathrooms.
Partitions between the stalls have been vandalized with
so-called “glory holes” that are used “to peer
into the stall next door to see if it is occupied by a
man interested in sex. If it is, the student will cross
into the stall and engage with him sexually, usually
without any mutual acquaintance.”

The reporters note that as many as 18 glory holes, which are
used for much worse than peering, have been drilled
across the Berkeley campus, including at men`s bathrooms
in two major lecture halls.

The UC Berkeley Queer Alliance/Queer Resource Center publishes

school-sponsored web site
where glory hole locations
and homosexual sex solicitations are posted. (“Find
that special someone (or three)!”
entices an ad,
illustrated with three young naked men embracing, on the
site.) The group receives free office space and over
$9,000 a year from the student government.

Among the messages left on the Queer Resource Center online
forum board:

The maps to the Cal
Holes are the best map you can get this term. Full of
fun and yum yum and good time.. we have the best holes
in the UC system.!!

mistake I have been in like Stephens (Hall) last year
and there were these two hot guys… in there. I joined.
It was hot!

I have heard so much
about the wheeler hole? is there one? and if it is can
an undergrad tell me about this? – if the G Hole is real
I want to join other wheeler boys their this semester!!

You might think that

homosexual activists
, always first in line to clamor
for government funds to preach “safe sex,” would be most
alarmed at this perilous and promiscuous trend. This is
a public health hazard. (As with bathhouse enthusiasts,
anonymous thrill-seekers in public restrooms are not
likely to use protection against

sexually transmitted diseases
.) This is also a
public safety threat to other students unknowingly using
these marked bathrooms for what they were intended,
while lecherous strangers ogle nearby.

Campus police told the publication that the situation was much
worse than portrayed.

School officials have an obligation to clean up this mess. The

Student Code of Conduct
prohibits “conduct which
threatens or endangers the health or safety of any
UC policy also forbids the damage or misuse
of university property. But the California Patriot`s
publisher, Robb McFadden, told me last week that “to
our knowledge, the University has taken no further
action to stop this problem.”

In typical Berkeley fashion, homosexuals on campus see the
bathroom bacchanalia as a sacred celebration of Free
Speech and Diversity. John Mendoza, co-chair of the UC
Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Intersex (what?)
Association, enthused that the Queer Resource Center
message board is “a great place for people to express

“It`s a
great portal to campus events,”

he said.

Anyone who challenges this behavior is, naturally, labeled an
intolerant homosexual-basher. The California Patriot
was the target of an anonymous satirical “hit piece”
snidely accusing the lead reporter on the bathroom story
of being gay. Student Justin Wong of the “Queer Council”

that the article was the result of a
“witch hunt.” And one news editor was told by a Berkeley
administration official that Norman and Rudmann`s
article was “homophobic.”

A deviant practice common at filthy truck stops has infected
the hallowed ivory tower, and all the campus Left can do
is blame the messenger and play the victim card? Welcome
to Sodom & Gomorrah University:

“… and,
lo, the smoke of the country went up as the smoke of a
furnace.” –

Genesis 19:28

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